Content Deleted - SPAM

If we had admin I wouldn’t be allowed to tell you to f*ck off, but could you please, anyway?

You’re not helping


I’m assuming that’s aimed at our resident spammer, rather than Greenballs, who amended the titles of the original posts by the looks of things.

It took me a while to figure it out this morning, as I thought they were unusual thread titles for a spambot.

Definitely me changed them. But they just dont get the message.

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I thought those titles were odd…You’re so right…there is just nobody here now…no new groups at a time when people really need them the most.

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This forum is completely dead now, it’s been dead for about 18 months, it used to be a great community and always buzzing with activity and interaction.


Yeah…we cannot even get a new 30 day group opened for us.