Derby League

Looking for a League in Derby or players to sign up so we can start a league in Derby.

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Hi Dan, think I’ve signed up for the Nottingham league (was a while ago) but would definitely come along to Derby

That would be brilliant - are you able to change your league? All new to me so not sure how you’d do it!

Me neither! I’m not sure if you can - @admin @mikechristopher can you change league after you’ve signed up, or do I even need to change to get the numbers up?

I’d have thought if a league started up in either, probably get a decent number from both?

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Waiting for a Derby League to start myself. Don’t drive so can’t really get elsewhere unfortunately. Any idea how long MVF have been trying to start a league in Derby for?

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I joined I September, so at least since then.

Seems like there’s a few people who are waiting for it so hopefully should be too far off getting the numbers


Yep, Derby here too!


Derby numbers are still fairly low but I was party to a few conversations about possible radio interviews being set up for derby. These always cause a good spike in numbers.

Best thing to do is spread the word - facebook local sites, friends family etc and get as many people to sign up as you can. When numbers get to a set level MvF look to have a big push in the area and look to join with Local authorities and football teams in order to get to the required number to launch the league.

Some areas have seen leagues launching solely off the back of the first few people registereing giving a big push and getting numbers going. More info can be found here How can I help bring MAN v FAT Football to my area?

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The main thing is the more that register - the quicker it will get up and running - so if you have any friends or colleagues who may be interested - refer them over! If you do it from the league homepage you can give your friends 50% off MAN v FAT Football Registration and get £5 credit at the MAN v FAT Shop!

Good News Guys!
@danwalls4 @Chris86 @Mush @JIL @roybaylissproperty


That’s brilliant news. As I’ve registered, will I be able to play? What happens now? Also, I’ve not received my book yet.


You are registered against Derby so you should hear from someone soon once it gets nearer the time. You will then need to attend the registration day in order to get yourself weighed in and put into a team.

Your book should be on it’s way - @admin are we able to check on this?

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Hi Gents, I’m registered to Nottingham. But, Derby would be fine too - should I switch I switch my registration or does the fact that the league is starting mean that it’s full?

It is certainly not full but will be launching (as it currently stands) before the Nottingham one. We still have no confirmed date for the Nottingham once just yet but keep an eye out for an announcement as I believe its getting close :slight_smile:

Its up to you which one you want to join - you can either wait out for Nottingham or you can request a transfer to Derby - just email

Sorry about that - chasing the fulfillment company for you mate.

It’s up to you - both will be launching in September.

Thanks guys - I’ve transferred to Derby…I’ve also not received my book yet (not sure how long it normally takes though)

It should be within about 5 days Richard, if you’re beyond that then just drop me an email to hello AT

Both Nottingham and Derby starting in September?
Are the these leagues or buses?! You wait around for one to start… :joy: can’t wait

Assume there’s no problem playing in both? As long as my legs are up to it, that is!

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Someone in Nottingham wished too hard and there’s a rash of leagues in the area now :slight_smile:

Yes you can play in both, you have to just register separately for the two leagues so borrow an email address off someone!

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