Desperate to lose weight


Wasn’t too sure how to write my opening post. Will try and stick to the facts. I’m 40 years old, I weigh 17stone 2lbs, my waist is 42 inches, I’ve got moobs!
I’ve let myself go and I need help, I’ve decided that on 27th July I’m gonna commit to losing weight I want to lose 5 stone in weight. I need to change my diet, which is shocking crisps, chocolate, takeaways and beer. And I need to start exercising regularly. I don’t get much support from people close to me, so I’ve come here for some! With a little luck and a lot of effort from me, I can reach my goal.


Welcome - you have come to the best place - we are all humans - desperate to lose weight - whatever your question I am pretty sure someone on here has the answer or has the same issue

The latest buzz around here is an intense accountability system called MVFIA - after years of yo yo weight loss - I joined a group and slashed my initial target of 6lbs in 30 days in 10 days - there is a pinned thread on here - read it shove your name on the list and make yourself at home

Any questions just shout - we are 1 big family and all understand and care


Welcome to MvF. We are all walking the same path here. The MVFIA seems to be working for a lot of us. We are losing the weight but also changing our relationships with food and making new good habits as we go.
Jump in and ask questions, we try to help each other.


I know all too well the pain of owning a voluptuous pair of moobs, why else would I wear cardigans and hooded shirts in the summer?!


Painful, isn’t it - I’ve wardrobe full of clothes from the last 8 years that I keep saying I will be able to get into again, and never have. In theory we know what to do, but putting in to practice always worked out a lot harder.


Welcome…I am a newbie here also. Tipped the scales at just over 17stone recently and it hit me I need to do something about it. Only been on here for 1 week but already feeling more motivated that previous weight loss efforts.


Welcome superpug.
I am certainly in the same boat.

I started with the yellow book.
Full of common sense stuff especially regarding choices in losing weight, exercising etc.
MVFIA then kick started my weight loss.
About 12 pounds so far.
And the forum is a great resource, full of chat/comment/information and motivation.

Get stuck in and make it happen.


Welcome @superpug you made a good choice by joining here. We are all in this together. You will find some great support and hopefully inspiration. I’m a relative newbie here also but since 1st June I’ve managed to loose best part of a stone and am now seeing 15st something for first time in a long while. For me it’s been about realising there is no quick fix. I have an initial plan to drop 2 stone before Christmas and then go on to more in the new year. Good luck on your adventure.


Mate, I think I’m only a fortnight ahead of you and your story sounds similar to mine except I let myself go even more and dream of being 18stone at the moment!

You’re in the right place to receive and give support - I’ve had plenty of encouragement in the first two weeks and the first half stone is history. Only another fifteen half stones to go!

Keep connected to the group - there’s loads going on and plenty who will cheer you along the way!


Thanks for all the kind words, started the diet today, it’s good to get started. I’m avoiding all the really bad food like crisps and chocolate, and today my main snack has been a bannana! Just trying to get the diet sorted and then start on the exercise.


Diet for me is the hardest thing to sort… I’m finding the exercise enjoyable and exciting (which is great)

I think if we get the diet right we are 90% there !

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your success story along side mine!


What works for me is habit building. Forgive me if I leave the math to you but I reached my point of enough-is-enough with 42" pants and weighing over 230lbs.

At first I tried low carb diets. Wrong direction. Dr. McDougall, John McDougall, Esselstyn, Neal Barnard, they shined the light on the holy grail, plant based, no added oils. The right diet was not discovered, or should I say properly implemented until later stages.

My first valuable new habit was the habit of drinking water. It was tough at first. The habit I was replacing was diet coke. Soda is not water. Milk is not water. Coffee is not water. Gatorade is not water. When you start drinking water it only takes a few days for your tastes to recalibrate. Soon the clear, clean, refreshing taste of water becomes the effortless preferred choice.

I soon thereafter became more physically active. In due time I realized a 30lb weight loss. It was gradual. Like putting weight on, putting weight off is a process.

After I went under 200 lbs I started doing Bikram yoga. I did Bikram yoga oftentimes daily for seven years. You would think that after a year of that a man would be lean as a beanpole. My conclusion is that you can’t out exercise bad diet. Even though I was doing 90 minutes of hot yoga a day I was nursing a sugar habit, eating pizza, putting cream in my coffee, and who knows what else was sabotaging me.

At one point in about the fifth year of yoga I gave up sugar. It only lasted for 30 days, but during that time I started becoming noticeably lean. Girls were flirting with me… yoga girls dude! But, being all cocky I decided that a couple of cookies from one of my favorite bakeries was no big deal. Turns out it was. Anyone who has ever given up cigarettes can relate to this. If you quit smoking then one day decide that it’s okay to smoke just one you find back in the habit fully immersed. It takes forever to get back to enough-is-enough. That’s what happened with me and sugar.

So the couple of cookies turned into whoopie pies, pizza slices, burgers with fries, and so on and so on. For two years!

It’s been almost a year since I’ve done Bikram yoga in the studio. One reason is I want to find a way to exercise without it taking up a major portion of the day.

Similarly, with food I want to lose weight without skipping meals, going hungry or feeling deprived.

This post is about habits. About six weeks ago I finally reached the stage of enough-is-enough with sugar. I gave up sugar. I’m talking about cookies, ice-cream and so on. I also stopped putting cream in my coffee. Knowing what not to do is not enough.

I was at 194 when I decided enough is enough with the sugar and junk food. Two years ago my weight had reached a low of 162 before pride and a fall with cookies. I got on the scale and took a before picture. Two days later my weight went up to 196. That’s the funny thing about the scale. It throws you curves. So be it. I was eating a lot of fruit and making an adjustment coming off sugar. Fruit is good but I try to keep it in check.

This is my routine, and it’s working. I do yoga when I get up. It’s a sequence that takes about ten minutes. That’s followed by a couple minutes of bodyweight exercises doing bicycles on my back, leg lifts, pushups and pull ups. My pullup bar has a swing down configuration that I use. Makes it possible for anyone to do pullups. I only do a set or two of ten reps.

I like intermittent fasting. That means I create a deliberate space between dinner and breakfast and sometimes extend it. I like to exercise before breakfast. The morning exercise routine is a habit. I’m starting to implement an evening session, early evening. It helps set the tone for not eating at night.

My first meal of the day is oatmeal. If you want to lose weight, cook. Eat at home. I boil water for coffee. I have a cup of black coffee. Oatmeal is one cup of oatmeal to two cups of water. The measure for oatmeal is a little under a cup. Water is two full cups. This makes oatmeal that’s not too thick. My oatmeal blend includes some bulgur and chia seeds for texture. I add a handful of raisins, a dollop of chunky applesauce, a splash of orange juice and sometimes banana or other fruit. Do not add milk or yogurt! Milk makes you fat!

Late in the day I have rice and beans, or potato, or whole wheat spaghetti, or chickpea pumpkin fritters… a starch and a vegetable. I like to batch cook for two or three days. I frequently make coleslaw or kaleslaw. Thinly sliced cabbage with carrot, onion pepper to which I add sea salt, cider vinegar, and lime. No mayonnaise. If you have mayonnaise in your cupboard, throw it away. Always having something ready to eat is critical. Or a plan. Don’t get caught out and about with excuses to grab junk food.

I keep pieces of fruit available for snacking. I like to chop dates into a paste with a knife then roll them in peanuts to make date-nut bars. Go sparingly with this idea.

Compared to what you may now be eating my recommendations are probably raising some eyebrows. I find plant based foods to be very satisfying, easy to prepare and economical.

In the little over four weeks since reaching the point of enough-is-enough my weight went down to 194, then 192, then under 190, 187, 185 and is currently in the low 180’s soon to begin dropping down through the 170’s.

I’m very happy to lose two or three pounds a month but find that weighing myself daily or every other day often results in drops of several ounces. Some days the scale tosses out a wakeup call. I agree totally with the advice of this board to monitor closely. It keeps my mindset focused on nutrition and exercise.

Go for the habit changes. And the beer? Throw it away! Stop being a pawn. You’re making someone rich at the expense of your health. Is enough-enough? Only you can decide.


Awesome advice. And you write so well. Will go back and read that again.


Thank you for your kind words. And I’m thankful for the motivation I get from this forum.


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Well done at posting a site that looks mostly aimed at women on a mens dieting board.



In fact these pills are not recommended only for women. Men also can use them. If you read more carefully you will notice that :wink:


It’s not the description. It’s the layout and design of the website itself.

I am unlikely to buy a product when the website has pictures on it solely of women measuring their waist line.


Well it depends what matters for you the most, the design of the web page or the quality of the pills.


I think you are missing the point. This site is about changing the way you think ,changing what you eat and getting more active. It isn’t about quack pills and potions, but permanent life changes :slight_smile: