Desperate to lose weight


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Hi All,

My Name is Anoop.Currently Residing in LUXEMBOURG and I am really desperate to loose some weight.

I am active that is I play a lot of sport but somehow I hate cardio.

I am 5’11 and 122 KG … I need to loose weight so that I will be respected again.

Any help is appreciated.



Hi Anoop

Do you know where you are going wrong? What are your eating habits ?

As Admin said in his piece in the newspaper today - losing weight is 70% the food you ear 30% exercise (in his opinion) - track your food on here or on an app somewhere (ive used My Fitness Pal) then you can drill down into the food you eat and share it on here to get some advice from the users.

Also sign up to an MVFIA 30 day group - the thread is at the top of the forum homepage :smile:


Hey Stoke,

This is the Problem being an Indian it’s difficult for me to track my Food Intake.

However I will start to keep track of it from now onwards.

I use to track it with this APP Loose it however I lost touch.

Is it really necessary to keep a calorie count also ?

Because most food I eat does not have one.



Hi Anoop,

I felt the same, got bored with the apps and tracking.
I also got bored with calorie counting so I don’t do that anymore.

I just make the right choices most of the time - you know what the right choices are like your veg, boiled rice instead of fried, nice cooked chicken instead of coated in some sauce… it all adds up and will be lower calorie than what we choose when all we think about is how quickly can I get that food into my mouth!

Always suggest joining an MVFIA group - that will help you so much!


Hey Anoop, it’s definitely not essential that you calorie count - it’s more about working out where you’re going wrong (which tracking will help you to do) and then making small changes as you go, while you keep tracking. If you make a change and after two weeks you’ve not lost any weight - make another change and track that! That’s all you need to do.

Have a read of Suryagni’s story here as he proves that it’s not a problem to be Indian and lose weight! If you’d like to chat to Sury, he’s a member here, I’ll give a prod and you can ask any questions that might help?


Thank you @admin… Reaallly Inspiring story …