Diet plan

Hi, me again.

So I’m coming up with my diet plan. The key for me is that it’s easy to follow, easy to prepare, takes little time to cook and a monkey could make it.
Lol I am no Jamie Oliver, yet!

I am trying to have 5 meals a day

Weetabix for breakfast
9.55 - chicken sandwich (250 cals)
12.15 chicken sandwich (250 cals)
4/5pm snack
7/8pm dinner
10pm bed

I realise that eating after 6pm is not great, but I train mostly in the evenings and eat with my fiancé

Anyway this is the plan.

For those who don’t know, warburton does a bread which is called a ‘thin’. The bread of a sandwich accounts for 100 calories so half the amount in a regular sandwich. Definitely reccomended if you struggle to cut out bread.

The weekends are more chill but I am trying to incorporate a diet plan into my working day…


There are a couple brands of bread over here that offer a “thins” selection. 50 to 75 calories per slice. Much more appealing than trying to make half sandwiches with the regular stuff.

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hey @Herby!

I think the main two things to keep in mind are:

  1. is it sustainable for the long term (can you stick to it?)
  2. is it putting you in a caloric deficit?
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Morning Herby.

If it works for you, then it works, and that’s the secret to weight loss revealed!

I can’t comment on breaky, I like to have jumbo oats in water and 2 eggs (not in the same bowl), which sees me right through until lunchtime - I don’t know about Weetabix but isn’t cereal generally considered a poor choice?

As a recovering breadoholic I used to break everything down and work out what I could have instead of that plastic wrapped sliced pap full of E numbers, oils and what can only possibly be polystyrene.

if you are spending 250kcals on each feed, you spend 100 on bread and that leaves you with a poultry 60g of chicken to make up the other 150kcals (Did you see the deliberate mistake there)

Instead of that you could have 4 tonne of mixed salad and a whole seasoned chicken breast, pre-prepared and chucked in a plastic tub/s the night before. (for the two meals)

Dieting for me is all about feeling full, It’s working to a point and although I am now just switching over to a macro diet, my first 50+lb came off by slowly (Very slowly) swapping nutritionally pointless foods and drinks with healthy alternatives and then bulking out my meals with salad stuffs so that I feel full.

I am only swapping to macros because I have hit a plateau and I need to mix it up a bit…


Thanks, I suppose it would be easy to swap the bread for mixed veg salad in tupple wear, and the eggs at breakfast too, I know protein does make you fuller for longer which is key… Cheers for this!


Why eat bread? What is it’s nutritional contribution? Wasted calories. Discuss.

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Because good bread tastes amazing?


Try something more convincing!

My wife says I do a mean Indian - based food (following Madha Jaffrey recipes actually)

…she does a lovely shepherds pie…but we don’t eat them with any regularity, coz they’re not really that good for you on a day-to-day basis and, whilst you’ve not hinted that you’d consume bread in its various guises on a daily basis, the fact is that its easily accessible to those who purchase it and stock it in their kitchen, or hop into a cake or coffee shop, …and it sort of follows that folk can easily eat it out of habit and easy a availability and, in short, it really isn’t providing anyone consuming it much, if any, benefit.

satiety, enjoyment, adherence (we’re far more likely to stick to a system if it’s one we enjoy) :slight_smile:

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I don’t eat it a lot. And if I’m going to eat it, I’m going to eat the good stuff. Great bread, cheese, wine, meat, fruit etc. are life’s pleasures. I don’t want to go through life denying myself such things. So sorry Mr Warburton, I don’t buy your products, but Mr restaurateur with your home made artisan bread, yes please, I’ll take some of that and wash it down with a nice Barolo


Curry and shepherds pie - nowt wrong with either. Portion size and frequency are the issues there.

Let’s not go down the route of demonising any foods (except candy floss) but instead understand what makes some foods higher in calories (and therefore things we eat less of, less frequently). Focusing on single ingredients or cuisines is what dumb marketeers do to schill a book. We’re smarter than that.


@Stick I think you could lose this battle mate :wink:

How else are you going to have a bacon sarnie man!! It isn’t right in lettuce or a bell pepper instead of bread.

mmmm bread!!

Chris :wink:

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There is no substitute for a bacon butty…


Yesterday, was not a good day in terms of diet.

  • Here’s what I had at approximately the right times

  • 8am - chicken sandwich on thins

  • 10am - chicken sandwich on thins
    1pm - 2 chicken sandwiches on thins

this was 1000 calories by lunch time

Then I got home around 4.30, tired from the night before and went to bed until about 7pm. Tired, no gym. I woke up, had a bunch more crap. Now, I am annoyed at myself for yesyerday and because I had a bad nights sleep, I fell into the trap of eating rubbish at night.

I slept well last night, but just reading my food diary annoys me as there is no variety, empty calories and just stupid.

I am going to get into better habits soon, I suppose as a positive at least I am recognising some patterns in my behaviour.

As for the bread dilemma, I’m definitely cutting it down. I still feel hungry even when I have had it.


hey @Herby I hear you in regards the bread - but I kinda promise you it’s all in your head. It’s habitual and a learnt behaviour.

I used to have all kinds of shit in bread - sausage rolls, pizza, sunday roast etc - you get the drift, I loved bread.

It was difficult for me to know how to plan the day without bread at first. So for example I might have had scrambled eggs on toast - now I just have the scrambled eggs etc.

However, and thanks to @maxnas i’m starting to learn that everything can be on the table, even my beloved bread. Just got to be taken into the calorie count my friend.



don’t get down on yourself mate, just take an objective look back on the day & see what data/feedback/lessons you can take from it going forward :slight_smile:

there’s no short term winning or losing, it s ALL feedback so we can win over the long term :slight_smile:


I agree w/@maxnas 100%. Think of this as a learning process. Part of that process is screwing up. You learn far more making an arse of things than you do from getting it right first time.

(*I don’t advise this approach for brain surgery or aeroplane flying though)


That’s what cadavers and flight simulators are for.


don’t ruin the gag :wink:


After a weekend of too much food and too little exercise I looked in for some motivation. Thanks guys, you have rebuilt my resolve.
I am just at the start of this, I cut out bread for the last three weeks and don’t miss it at all now. I know that I don’t have the will power to count calories or eat some foods in moderation, so I have cut carbs, dairy and alcohol and increased water intake. I lost 11lb (48 to go) in 3 weeks and now need to introduce exercise.
I am getting used to feeling hungry so the plan is to start next week with a daily walk or swim and join a gym later. I probably should now but I just can’t stand the places, perhaps they have changed in the last ten years. Has anyone found these fit bit’s helpful or are they just a gimmick?