Diet plan


hey @Herby I hear you in regards the bread - but I kinda promise you it’s all in your head. It’s habitual and a learnt behaviour.

I used to have all kinds of shit in bread - sausage rolls, pizza, sunday roast etc - you get the drift, I loved bread.

It was difficult for me to know how to plan the day without bread at first. So for example I might have had scrambled eggs on toast - now I just have the scrambled eggs etc.

However, and thanks to @maxnas i’m starting to learn that everything can be on the table, even my beloved bread. Just got to be taken into the calorie count my friend.



don’t get down on yourself mate, just take an objective look back on the day & see what data/feedback/lessons you can take from it going forward :slight_smile:

there’s no short term winning or losing, it s ALL feedback so we can win over the long term :slight_smile:


I agree w/@maxnas 100%. Think of this as a learning process. Part of that process is screwing up. You learn far more making an arse of things than you do from getting it right first time.

(*I don’t advise this approach for brain surgery or aeroplane flying though)


That’s what cadavers and flight simulators are for.


don’t ruin the gag :wink:


After a weekend of too much food and too little exercise I looked in for some motivation. Thanks guys, you have rebuilt my resolve.
I am just at the start of this, I cut out bread for the last three weeks and don’t miss it at all now. I know that I don’t have the will power to count calories or eat some foods in moderation, so I have cut carbs, dairy and alcohol and increased water intake. I lost 11lb (48 to go) in 3 weeks and now need to introduce exercise.
I am getting used to feeling hungry so the plan is to start next week with a daily walk or swim and join a gym later. I probably should now but I just can’t stand the places, perhaps they have changed in the last ten years. Has anyone found these fit bit’s helpful or are they just a gimmick?


Couple of things @RobN

I lost more weight when I stopped going to the gym.

Fit bit - I like mine. They’re not super accurate - but of you use them as an indicator they’re quite good. The app is great for logging food too?

I got a Fit Bit Surge



Hi Rob,

You said you are used to feeling hungry? It is during those times were I eat too much. Is it just a matter of discipline to avoid eating at those times?


I’m with you on that @bignorthernlad
I always felt it was too much of a risk of damaging an already damaged body. The last active4health I signed up for put me in a bad place as I was doing too much and the wrong types of exercise.

This time, since last November, I’ve concentrated on food and nothing else and I’m very slowly getting neater and nearer to my goal weight.

Toning up I can do later :smiley:


That was exactly my approach. First lose the weight by proper diet and minimal exercise (walking) then get on a fitness program with a trainer so I am not “skinny fat”.

Now, for others different approaches work. However, I also have seen a lot of guys in the gym that are lifting weights and obviously very strong while still looking as if they are in various stages of pregnancy ;).


This is good advice and combine with previous guidance given by you guys on MVF I can see now that I need to keep my cycling to slow and steady rides predominantly to lose weight first concentrating on big improvement after my weight reduces.


@RobN I like you avoided any suggestions of calorie counting for years. MVF convinced me of the benefits of determining calorie deficit. I have personally found my iPhone and iPad in conjunction with myfitnesspal absolutely invaluable and so easy. As a cyclist I also use both Strava and Mapmyride which integrate seamlessly. These might be worth taking a look at.


Because I bake my own using stoneground flour and it’s better than cake!
My bread is so good I can, and do, give it to people as gifts.


Right then, you supply the bread and I’ll supply the bacon…
Could be the start of a beautiful relationship.


For lunch today, I have 4 baby boiled potatoes, Cajun chicken, mixed veg and spinach. I also am playing around with the idea that I had less cravings yesterday as I had lots of water as opposed to 0 calories fizzy drinks…

Not cutting bread out but definitely cutting it down.

Hope everyone here has a successful and healthy day


I appreciate the case some posters are making for ‘gourmet’ bread, and if I go to an upmarket restaurant I’ll happily admit I’ll accept the offer of the chef-made bread often proffered…

But can someone let me in on the secret of why bread might feature as anything more than just an occasional (fortnightly?) ‘treat’ , as might a doughnut or Belgian bun? - what is the nutritional value of bread?

Is it a genuine health food that I’m missing out on, or is it, even in it’s gourmet/homemade form, simply a way of chucking onto your menu crap food that we were all given in our youth that you’d rather hang on to?

In short, what is the nutritional value of bread?


I don’t think people are trying to argue that bread is good from a nutritional point of view. @miniwomble hit it on the head - “Because good bread tastes amazing?” You can argue as long as you want that we should always stick to the most nutrient-dense, healthy whole foods. But for me, my diet is for me, not the other way around. If I get physical, mental or emotional pleasure through eating some foods I’m going to incorporate them into my diet. Perhaps sparingly, but as long as they fit into my overall daily caloric budget it’s fine. I hate the idea that certain foods should be forbidden. If I tell myself that, I find myself craving those foods more. So I eat a well-balanced, healthy diet that includes many foods that are nutrient dense and some others sparingly that aren’t so much. And that’s something I can live with for the rest of my life. I can go to a restaurant and order a sandwich without fear. I can eat pizza and pasta once in a while. On a daily basis, I have a piece of whole grain toast with my breakfast and then again as a part of a morning snack with peanut butter and jelly. Sometimes another as a part of dinner.

Only a small minority of people can train themselves to actually enjoy a diet of only foods that have been christened as the healthiest. Call us weak, but I call us balanced.


Yeah, if that approach works best for you then I say great. I don’t think there is a one size fits all kind of journey towards weight loss. Some may prefer to get started by keeping everything the same but moving more (like walking). Others may choose to start improving their food choices. In my own case, I was working with a knowledgeable personal trainer, and we modified my food intake as well as incorporating both cardio and strength training. Of course it was pretty light at first and got more intense over time, but I really enjoyed doing all three. There was some kind of synergy between the exercise and eating better - each one reinforced the other. When I exercised, that gave me more motivation to eat better. When I ate better, I felt better and had more energy to exercise. Plus the exercise allowed me to be at a caloric deficit while still eating around 2200 calories per day - and I like to eat. I really like to eat. And there were other benefits, like the muscle I was putting on helped burn more calories even when I was sedentary, and my skin was able to keep up with my fat loss because of the muscle tone…lots and lots of benefits. I keep harping on them because they worked so well for me (see the thread about losing weight through strength training). But I understand that mileage varies and ultimately everyone needs to find the path that works best for them :slight_smile:


My problem with diet is that if I do not regulate my eating times then I end up skipping meals which is not good for you either.
Yesterday, I just had a protein drink for breakfast did not have my omelet as the kitchen was being cleaned. Had a big 1000 calorie lunch at 2:30 pm. I just wanted a snack late afternoon so had a Greek yoghurt. Then, I went to bed around 10PM. Part of it most likely due to a couple of large bottles of Pellegrino I drank in the evening as I was busy in my non-airconditioned garage for a few hours in the evening.


Nice gentle bike ride today and good eating if not wholly by design.
2 eggs on wholemeal toast
Porridge pot and banana for lunch
Snack: Matsos Crackers and cheese
Salmon and Salad for dinner.
Feel quite good and nice to see another pound lower on the scales this morning. Hope still to make or exceed target weight loss for Team River if possible.