Do something every day (dsed)


Do Something Every Day:

Ongoing 2018:

In an attempt to be more inclusive of different types of exercise, we’re changing the Run Every Day group to the DO SOMETHING EVERY DAY group. The spreadsheet below allows us to record me than just our run distances:

  • Run (km)
  • Cycle (km)
  • Swim (km)
  • Gym (tonnage) (@maxnas - as attempted a while back)
  • Skate (km) (@kevinb1959 - just for you)

Hopefully we’ll be able to pull all the exercise that we’re doing into one sheet , and provide a multidisciplinary exercise forum.

Let’s see how it works…

Just add your name to the sheet, and log your exercise every day. Thats it.

I’ll be enhancing the sheet through the month based on feedback.

NOTE: Spreadsheet only editable from a Mac or PC. If you have a mobile device, you’ll need to download a copy of the Google Sheets app (which is free).

Challenge - can you have a perfect week?

bike prepared for a few miles today and its chucking it down, but i will get something on this new sheet today


1km pool swim today. Tomorrow is a club swim session, then I’ll run on Tuesday. Depending on how the general housework goes, I may take the bike out for a bit.


That seems like a good idea. Or at least I think so as I lie on the sofa wondering how many km were in my 42 miles bike ride I’m just trying to recover from.


OK. So, if I add a km/mile converter to the sheet, you’re in?


Yes, I’m in. No need for the converter. A bit of self metrication will do me good.


15km on bike today cut short after gear malfunction left me stuck on large chain ring at the bottom of a decent climb back to Brixham and a 5 k walk to enter on the sheet tomorrow


hi i assume the tonnage ( gym) is th etotak of weights x reps completed?


Yep. Bang on


Hi more to add to the sheet tomorrow


Feels good to record 1.5 tonnes lifted though, doesn’t it?


Just calculated tonight’s swim distance. We were doing “time trials”; a warm up, then a 10 minute “sprint”, followed by, 8 mins, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 minute.

So, I did 2,300m tonight! That’s the biggest Monday session ever for me. I know I’m going to feel better it in the morning.


good going, it was good to do some weights in the garden with the sun shining, should input about 10k for skating on thursday providing i dont get held up on the M5 this week


Doc, having filled in a few items so far i noticed that the final column have a cumulative total as we had with the RED sheet. by the way i think i prefer DSED to RED , think it needs a bit of promoting with my team mates


Thanks All for feedback so far.

I’m going to put in a final column with a monthly total, and also a summary tab to show yearly progress as with the 1000 miles sheet.


8.4km training run over the cross country course last night. Hot and hilly, but my hip held up ok. Next run will be Saturday, but I’m off out on the bike today.


9k on the track last night as I only managed to get the last 45 mins😞 but what a great time it was sun was shining track was smooth and my wheels skimmed along, bike tomorrow and run on sat, have fun everyone

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In, but lost the opportunity I’d planned last night. Loving being back on the bike again :slight_smile:


Just shy of 23km on the bike around Richmond Park (mainly) this morning. A lot of PRs on Strava, but I’m not exactly fast.

I did overtake someone though :facepunch::raised_hands:


Newbie here…my first thought was that aggregate weight lifted wouldn’t really be a useful number, but not only does it give you a target, and reason not to quit the gym early on a subsequent visit to the gym, but it provides a reason to press on (no pun intended).