Do something every day (dsed)


Question: How do you count/record press-ups in your weight aggregate for the day?..and things like dips on the parallel bars?


Interesting. I wouldn’t normally count bodyweight exercises, but if I did, I’d simply use my body weight as the load. Then if you add weight to progressively load, then it would just be whatever your body weight is + the extra.

Since no one is doing it at the moment, just tell us what you decide to do, and then that’s the rule.

We’re not precious :wink:


Hi - OK, there is now a monthly summary set of columns at the very far right of the sheet.

I had to get off the computer to watch the football, so I haven’t added the annual summary tab, yet.


Interesting in return, because on standard pressup you’re not really lifting you’re whole bodyweight. Plus, were you to do pressup with feet in a raised position (ie) on a chair/bench, the effort becomes that much harder…so we weight could you attribute to that?..

Take further complication/calculation, place your feet higher than head, then completion becomes harder still. There are a whole series of exercises one can do using bodyweight alone, using a variety of means to increase the difficulty each time.


That’s why I wouldn’t (personally) count bodyweight exercises in terms of tonnage. Too many variables.

Just because I wouldn’t count body weight exercises in gym tonnage doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do them. I have a number that I have to do every day, myself b


Great swim today. Indoors, but still enjoyable. Somehow I had an empty lane for 10 minutes. This undoubtedly helped as I managed 1km in 25 minutes. I felt very pleased with myself chatting to my 15yo over breakfast, but he couldn’t resist pointing out that his 1500m time is 24:30! All of a sudden feeling a tad deflated :joy:


Bit of a jog today. Too hot for much more


Nice ride along to Torquay and back along the sea front far too hot need to get out for a jog early tomorrow morning before it’s too hot again


Same here… I’ll do the bodyweight exercises myself simply coz they’re good for meb- press-ups TRX straps, but use weights in gym in countup for ‘doing something every day’. Awaiting first group to start and I’ll be off!


Another lovely sunny commute. Weary but really enjoying my sunny, heron-filled journeys at the mo!


@ilpirata …what mileage you averaging each day? Do you ‘only’ cycle to and from work, or more besides? What’s your plan and goals for near future?


I’m just easing back in after 3 years off the bike, so at the moment I’m aiming for 3 days per week of a 48km round trip. Hopefully that’ll increase and I’ll start working long rides in at the weekend too, I was a pretty regular 200km+ per week commuter with fairly regular long rides of 80-200km. But the bulk of my training has (and has to, family etc…) come from commuting.


Brilliant. Glad to read that you’re back in the saddle.


Hi Mick

It’s been an age, mate. Are you joining us?


Thanks mate. Hope it’s going well for you.


I will as soon as I’m back in the UK.
Next week.


Yes indeed.
Did JOGLE at the end of May.
Great experience.
Lost a stone so now trying to use that to ramp up my efforts.
Back on the bike this Sunday planning my first century in September.
It’s all go.


Fabulous!! An awesome achievement.


No exercise yesterday. Not due to the football, but more down to a tough swim on Monday using fins which really work your legs hard, followed by a fartlek session on a hot Tuesday evening. I managed to get a sports massage, but I don’t think that burns many calories.


fastish walk last night as i couldn’t face the extra time so i put my earphones in and listened to the commentary at the same time .