Do something every day (dsed)


are you still resting or back on the 9-5 treadmill


I’m not planning on working until September or even October. That said, plans can and do gan aglay and I have an interview this afternoon. It’d better be done in an hour as I’m off to the lake for a swim later :laughing:


An hour in the gym yesterday, upper body only.
An hour’s fasted Wattbike session this morning, 75% :heartbeat: rate…


nothing ‘real’ yesterday but 14,000 steps and digging a cat grave in drought garden. Was like bloody concrete, I bent me fork. Soaked in sweat by the end but not sure how to record that on the sheet :wink:
Otherwise my run went for a burton cos was sitting hugging and consoling the boys :frowning:


Ah, sorry about your cat @ilpirata. It’s horrible when they pass. Hope your kids get over it and remember the good times.

I managed a 1km swim at Brockwell Lido, which is a 50m Pool. Really lovely crowd there, and everyone chats to you. It’s like being back up north.

The swim wasn’t great. For some reason I just wasn’t feeling it. Still, I did it, so it counts.


Thanks pal. They’ll be fine in time, obviously, but it’s their first experience of it.


Hi Doc how did the interview go,


Well, they want to see me again. I’ll take that as a positive. Interviews are always easy if they’re approaching you, because it gives you a chance to interview them.

They seem like a decent outfit with a good product, in an interesting market. Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks for asking


Parkrun this morning. We had to alter the course due to a new hornet nest on the usual course. It’s amazing how much a change - especially of direction - messes with your muscle memory. Felt much longer than usual.


Too hot for me so I went to the pool instead and then a short skate. Fingers crossed for the job then, what do you do, I am a contract cad designer currently working at jlr


I jump between sales and consulting in regulated document management (medical records, usually). This is a slight divergence from that, but nothing that’s beyond me.


Another really hot day , need to be up early tomorrow to get a jog in before it gets too hot, but it beats work


Hi all.

Sorry for the lack of responses.
I can going to sit down this week and update the sheet.

Goes without saying that I am still in the game with my usual 5 km per day - plus a few longer runs thrown in.
Hit my 200th Parkrun on Saturday but still nowhere near the times of 2017
Today was 18 holes of golf ( average at best!)
Swim (not far)
And 3.75mile run.


200 amazing well done, its been a bit too hot for me so i’m going out early about 7am but its still been warm then but at least the lanes are quiet


finally updated June’s RED and this new spreadsheet

Pleased this months mileage is up near where I want it to be. If all goes to plan, August should take me back into 150 miles plus.
Lets see!

Have a good one!


excellent i much prefer the DSED especially at this time of the year when i can enjoy a ride on my bike in the evenings and make the most of the lighter nights, although come winter it will be back to a jog most nights i guess . I have been trying out a SUNTO AMBIT3 this last few weeks that a friend has lent me, great watch bit bulky does far more than i need but the MOVESCOUNT software isnt compatible with any platform i currently use, so i shall try it with starva this weekend.


Shouldn’t do starva…‘‘tis best to eat something…


Waaaay behind on the 1000 Miles challenge. I did 5.5ish last night, but Triathlon training and running everyday just aren’t compatible.

Once the Tri is over, I’ll start back to two club sessions plus a Parkrun. That should get me up to 13 miles per week, but even that’s not going to cut it.

I also know that I need to get back in the gym at least two sessions per week, and I want to keep up with the swimming.

Still, I suppose they’re all good choices.


:joy: good point think i’ll give starva a miss and maybe try strava and a nice juicy steak


theres a real benefit to adding everyday rather than once every two month!

well done guys