Do something every day (dsed)


Drained. A slight miscalculation by our coach tonight meant we finished up doing 7.5 miles, with hills on the hottest day of the year.

Many thanks to Wimbledon RUFC for rehydrating us as we staggered back to our home base.


A tough 10 km in the super hot day on Friday and Parkrun number 201 in the cooler morning.


Parkrun 89 for me yesterday. This morning is a pool swim. Good job as it’s raining quite heavily


3k to warm up for tonight’s game an enjoyable month hopefully improve distances but heavy traffic on M5 on Thursdays has limited my 8 wheel rolling. Be good if we can get some more names on the sheet .


I’ll be putting the August tab up later tonight


The DSED tabs for August, September, and October have now been added. Use as usual.

I’ll add an annual summary tab shortly.


I have the London Triathlon on Saturday, so no exercise beyond walking until then. I’ve got a slight Achilles issue which I don’t want to aggravate.


good luck on saturday, just a thought could the running column also be used for inputting walking as well ?


I don’t see why not. Lots of people run/walk on C25K programmes.

I wouldn’t personally, as walking is now just part of my daily routine, but for lots of us it’s the gateway into regular exercise.


I’ve done nothing since the Triathlon on Saturday. Spent Sunday packing and prepping for holiday, travelled Monday, travelling again today, and then some more tomorrow. Settle down in Fife for a few days from Wednesday. St Andrews Parkrun on Saturday may be my first outing.


and how did the triathlon go, i had a quiet weekend as i got roped into help at the Torbay Steam Fair, plenty of walking i think i did 37K steps for friday and sat and short ride on my bike there and back. . good weekend in the sunshine


well done @Doctor_Bong- how was it?

For me- a few longer runs, feeling a little stronger each day!


Well, @mascott514 @kevinb1959 it was a bit of a rollercoaster.

The rough numbers:

750m Swim - 19 minutes
20km Bike - 46 minutes
5km Run - 33 minutes

The morning was spent anxiously (very anxiously) watching the water temperature. If it hit 25C, then no wetsuits would be permitted. At the point of my wave starting we were at 24.5C!! This is when you realise that for all the months of pool swims, you’re relying on the buoyancy of the suit as your comfort blanket.

As it turned out, in the 30C heat, the swim was very pleasant. No attempts at speed, just a gentle combo of front crawl and breaststroke to conserve energy.

The bike was the first exposure to the heat. I was pretty happy with it, and could have shaved some time off with more practice.

The run…oh, the run. It was brutal. I started out gently to let my legs get used to not pedalling, and I figured I’d see what was left in the tank after the first km. there was nothing left. I didn’t resort to walking, but the speed I was going at meant that I may as well have done. I took on water twice. Two bottles each time: one to drink and one poured over my cap to keep my head cool!

All told, it was great. I’m utterly in awe of my niece who did the Olympic distance in the same conditions, and very proud of my nephew who went in the same wave as me (and beat me by 4 minutes :confounded:).

If you haven’t done one, you should.


fantastic effort, shame I’m a terrible - really terrible- swimmer, or i’d have a go!


You’ve got a whole year…


a great effort , was that your first one of many? what bike are you using for it?

Time to make a change but need help

I suspect there’ll be more. I have an entry-level Specialized Diverge, which is what is now referred to as a “gravel bike”. Basically it’s a road bike with 30mm wheels and a slightly different geometry that makes it more able to handle uneven surfaces like trails and towpaths. It’s a pretty fun bit of kit.

I am definitely intending to maintain this level of fitness, though. I need to get back in the gym, and I need to improve my Open Water Swimming, but now that a lot of the fear about that last one has gone, I think I can definitely do that.


i have 2 giants an escape that i use for around town and an scr road bike which i am looking to replace next year, possibly with a gravel bike as the lanes i am using are very poor quality and the scr gives quite a harsh ride i have thought about a mountain style bike as an alternative but i think that might be a bit ott for my use.
Well now the cooler weather is back i shall be back at the park runs soon the last one i did was just far too warm for me, but i guess i shouldn’t complain it will soon be dreary dark nights and poor weather for 6 months. Have a good weekend all


First time back in the gym since March 16th!! That’s going to hurt in the morning.

I dialled the weights right back, but it’s going to take a few weeks.

Interestingly, I discovered that the gym was pretty empty at 6pm, so I may start sneaking in a lifting session before Tuesday and Thursday night run training.


Oh man, that hurts…

Still, I’ll be heading back this evening to try my new regime:

6pm - 6:45: Stronglifts
7:15pm - 8:15: Run training

The gym and the “clubhouse” are only about a 10 minute walk from each other, so this should be achievable on Tuesday and Thursday.