Do something every day (dsed)



I’ve fixed the date error on the August tab of the spreadsheet. Sorry about that.


excellent, i’m still surprised i am the only one using the skating column:joy:


You should get some of your skating buddies to join MvF!

I did the new regime tonight. I wonder how that’ll feel in the morning?


they are all too thin!, its a bit of a struggle to get people interested in MVF down here they always have some excuse, too old, too fat ( mmm) haven’t played football for years but i keep on pushing out the flyers when i can


Five straight days of DSED, with the likelihood of 7. Starting to feel like myself again.


Back after a couple of days away. Swimming was cancelled tonight, so I went to the gym. Starting to get back on it in that respect. 2375kg lifted.


Still plodding along, I will updated the spreadsheet- promise!

Fastest Parkrun of the year- finished 4th, but not as impressive as it sounds-it was in Toulouse, which only had about 15 runners!

Nice trail 10 miler last night- but hard, running with a sub 3.05 marathoner…he killed me!


Maybe not, @mascott514…but the other runners didn’t have weight Toulouse! Boom boom!


@Zero4, good - haha,

Get Sete Go!


End of hols season. Ok to jump back in?


Absolutely, and welcome back. You’ll see we’ve made a couple of changes to the sheet so you can add biking, gym tonnage, and roller skating.

We need people back on the sheet, and back on the thread.

Great to have you back.


No posting for a while as I’m sunning myself in gran Canaria but getting in swimming and fast walks every day,


Hi @Doctor_Bong

I am still plodding along. I am finding the sheet hard work (not moaning!) as if enter a figure, it then jumps to the top of the page, and I have to go back down looking for my names, and scrolling across again.

Am I doing something wrong?

It would also help if I filled it in more than twice a month I guess!


Hi @mascott514

What device are you using to update the sheet?

Looking for names is a drag when there’s a lot of us n there, and you’re towards the bottom. I’ll see if I can freeze the top row rather than the left column and see what people think.



safari, on a Mac book…

Don’t worry too much- you already do enough!


I use the Google Sheets app on all my devices, but last night I noticed that it might be useful to freeze horizontally instead of vertically.


Gym and running tonight.

Feeling a bit down as we can’t use the Common anymore until after the clocks go forward, so we’re running on the streets for the next six months. I’ll just have to enter as many XC events as possible to get my fix.

Tonight was two of the 7 hills of Wimbledon. Repeatedly. I’d forgotten what a grind they can be.


Back from hols now so I shall be back running and not posting long sweaty walks in Gran canaria


4.5km on a not very pleasant Tyneside route today. Tomorrow, I’m going to try to find the Derwent Riverside trail, which must be close by but it’s very disorienting on this retail park hellhole


@Doctor_Bong …UP the down escalator in the centre? … it won’t rain