Do something every day (dsed)


Back home now, and celebrating with my first Parkrun PB in about a year. 23:37 (unofficial) takes 4 seconds off my previous.

Very happy with that.


Excellent, I pulled the duvet higher instead of heading off to the park run as it was raining , hasn’t stopped all day. Had a bike session in the garage instead. Running tomorrow whatever the weather


And did you?

I had a gentle swim today. Tougher session coming up tomorrow


Just a short 2k in the rain and a session on my exercise bike , weather looks good at the moment so run this morning and I’ll see if I can get access to the velopark track this afternoon with my skates, fingers crossed on that one😊


I do spinning and I walk when I don’t spin. Can I join? How can I record these? Steps? Distance? I don’t run cos I’m still a fat b&st@rd


I may have to get in on this - like @Greenballs however my running is more walking or cross trainer - should I use the run category still for that? Can still record in km I guess


on the odd occasion i only manage a walk i enter it in running , maybe the kind Doc could stick in another column for walking steps?


have you looked at a c25k program ,
i used this to get up to 5k and the parkruns


Yeah I was doing it but cos of my knee I stopped. So I now stick to low impact classes like spinning til the weight comes off abs I can run without it jerking on me


sorry to hear that, my low impact is rolling skating , (at my age too) and i get out on my bike as well to add to my running, still need to shed a few pounds too


I would record spinning as cycling distance. I’ve never done it myself, but I presume the bikes give you some feedback as to how far you’ve pedalled?

Just create a row for yourself on the spreadsheet in September, and I’ll make sure it follows through for subsequent months, and onto the summary sheet.


I think additional columns would make the sheet more difficult to navigate. I would just stick walking distance into the Running column.


Yep. Just pop the distance in. You know what you’re doing, and you’re only accountable to yourself. This is just a tool to keep you on track.


Yeah there is a display. Average distance is 16k.
Did a 6k walk this morning I’ll update later.


yes good point, on the days i can’t get out for a run at night i can input a lunchtime walk distance, best to get out of the office or you never get a break.


I’m just logging a walk today. We have our XC Quarter Marathon (10.55km) tomorrow. Knowing the terrain, it’s going to be quite a grind, but at least it’s a guaranteed PB (never done it before)


I have logged cycling on the exercise bike today. Swimming tomorrow , must remember to put the alarm on


18km on spin bike yesterday


Only started logging for the last week but is interesting to see the results!


Double entry today 1km swim this morning and a 4km run this afternoon, and the sun is shining