Do something every day (dsed)


Quarter marathon done inside the hour. Hills were fairly brutal, but learning how to run up and down hills in the summer paid off.

Great inaugural event, and excellent cakes at the end!


It’s October 1st tomorrow. That means that DSED and it’s earlier form RED is a year old. We started Run Every Day to participate in the Ron Hill RED OCTOBER challenge.

I know we’ve morphed into DSED to be more inclusive of other activities, but if anyone’s up for running at least one mile every day, this is the month to do it, and DSED is the place to log it.


18km spin on Friday
5km walk Saturday
17.6km spin Sunday.

Dubai again is doing 30day fitness challenge from end October so I’ll be participating in that also.


Good work @Greenballs …ah!.. Dubai exercise efforts…maybe you’d care to join @TommyD with the RowVember challenge?


Finished the month off with a 15k cycle and 6.75 k walk.


I’ll give rowvember a blast see how it goes.


Horrible cold. At first I thought it was just aches and pains from the 10k+ yesterday, but no. Did two lengths swimming then got out for the sake of everyone else’s health.

Hopefully it’s just a 24 hour thing.


You could get plenty of practice in during October though!


So I started recording for 10 days in september and was shocked by what I had managed to record. So now to blast it out of the water this month!


Bumper start to this month, bike, skating and run recorded for day one, oh well back to work tomorrow


Short walk last night as I was chasing 10000 steps. Maybe 45 min. Around 4km walk. Spin class this morning so looking at around 17km on a spin bike. There’s a cycling track outside of Dubai so when the weather cools down I might attempt that. 50km course or 100km course. I’ll look into it.

Edit. Spin cycle was 20km and didn’t seem like it.


I’m still going - just so busy at work and my logging of events has now escalated into a whole days work.

So I’ll probabky skip the filling in the sheet, but keep an eye on here.

Last week was my best since injury with 44 miles logged including a 47 min 10 km.

Streak day 1625. Am easy 3 miler.


impressive streak , think my wednesday night runs will cease soon as the lane past the hotel is just too blinkin busy bordering on dangerous


17k cycle on a spin bike this morning. Also hit 10000 steps around 4pm so active enough day


Sounding good @Greenballs


don’t you enter you distances on the spreadsheet?


Nothing for me yesterday. I was at the pool, but I was timekeeping for our Club Championships. Walking from one end of teh pool to the other when we switched from 2L to 3L races was as far as my exercise got.

Today looks a bit sticky, too. I have a meeting in a pub in Soho with a prospective client. He’s known as a bit of a drinker so I can’t guarantee being in a condition for our club run this evening!!!


I hope you don’t mind @Doctor_Bong I moved October to be the first month - this way it will automatically be the current month that opens first on the spreadsheet.


thanks to an over running meeting and my next about to start plus my long drive home i’ll be lucky to fit in a walk around the block, looks like it will be an early run tomorrow morning


Continuing my streak I did a 4.5km walk tonight chasing the steps target. I have a bruised ankle so I skipped spinning today.