Do something every day (dsed)


@Greenballs…if you doing a ‘Streak’ as in mid-seventies style, you should be RUNNING!


That would be a sight.


T’would indeed, I imagine!


Wouldn’t get far streaking on a spin bike😂.


Just make the copper’s job easier!


Recorded. Couldn’t update on iPhone even with sheets app


Pity about that I usually update the sheet using my android tablet


Hi - I use Sheets on the iPhone and iPad. What issue were you getting?


Not at all. I didn’t think of doing that. When I set up November, I’ll do the same


It doesn’t give me an option to open it on sheets. I can’t edit anything on it. I can log in every few days and record anyway


I’ll check the link settings. Everyone should be able to edit.


Tried a new route today that was half road and half through the woods can anybody recommend suitable shoes I can look at before I go to a running shop?


Sunday 17km spin. Yesterday I was aaay but squeezed in a 3km walk last night


How come @Greenballs…did the bike break down?


Was away and was wrecked all day. Got something in anyway. Back at it today with 18km on the bike. I’m going to suss out the rental at the track in a few weeks when it cools. And try do 50km



Take a look at these two Pace analyses from Wimbledon Common Parkrun, the first is 6/10/18, the second is today 27/10.

Using your skill and judgement, identify where the muscle tear occurred on the 6th and where it reoccurred today!



1400m swimming drills last night. We were usng fins, so I had to be very careful with the calf to avoid it cramping, but I managed to get through. Gym tonigt for more strengthening work.


Still going be it a walk or spinning classes. I’ll update when I get on a laptop.


football tonight and as we are struggling for players and can see me covering a lot of ground, and tomorrow trying out my head torch around the cold dark lanes


Second night at gym. I’ll set up November sheet before bed.