Do something every day (dsed)


DSED November is up


excellent , it would be nice to see more people inputting there achievements though . Are back behind a desk now ?


TI’ll Get on later but a 5K walk this morning. Currently doing Dubai fitness challenge so I’m DSED anyway :+1:t2:


What’s DSED to you @Greenballs -‘Deliberately Shunning Exercise and Diet?’ :joy:


Sort of. I’m freelancing doing strategy and quality management work. Had a project delayed yesterday. Delays = not getting paid, so I have a meeting woith the client today to get more info, then I’ll figure out what I need to do.


A few months back this was me. Now I make a point of actually doing something. I surprise myself sometimes


yes me too just about to do this weeks invoice.


Hi Doc, i guess as there is no Dec tab and it only seems to be us too adding to the sheet we are calling it a day?
if so thanks for all your efforts this year its been fun, and if starts again, count me in


Happy to do this in the new year as I got in then side tracked. Well done for the efforts lads


@Greenballs …this we could do quite readily in the new year, and could quite readily do something every day…


Yeah we can do this. New target new challenge. And of course dry January so no risks of falling off the wagon for a bit.


Ok @Greenballs , you’re on. I’ll set it up from January 1. We’ll go Dry January and sumfink ev’ry day.

Now, try this to view: Bert Herring on YouTube ‘Fast-5’ . I’ve watched this TedTalk, then ordered book having read the reviews on Amazon. Could you do the same?

There’s much medical backup to fasting, but I don’t like that Muppet Dr Michael Mosley who seems chief advocate for it, and the 5:2 Diet. BUT, fasting by way of only eating within defined window every day seems workable to me so I’m going to read this book when it arrives and will incorporate it into ‘Doing Something Every Day 2019’… @Greenballs …maybe this is big step, but might you join me?..who knows.


I watched that thing on YouTube last night what he said and found it interesting it was late so I’ll prob watch it again. Actually it was the 5hour window for eating wasn’t it. I’ll get a look at the book see if I can get shipped to Dubai. I’m game as most days I just eat breakfast just cos I think I have to. May get a few doing do something everyday or DSED as it is known.


There is now a December Tab.

If we start with a clean slate for January, I’ll just put the regulars in. I’ve got a whole year to copy now, so it won’t be much work.

I do need to correct teh December totals. For that I need to get onto my bigger screen which is currently running Minecraft, but that’ll be finished in half an hour.


Thanks Doc great job , just back from skating and updated the sheet


Don’t Amazon / bookstores simply post to Dubai? I assumed (naively?) that you could pretty much get anything, like books, anywhere :open_mouth:

I’m very aware that I can go without breakfast, and indeed do except maybe Saturday’s when I’m cycling in morning with club (spring, summers only usually)…and I was fasted riding easily in France during my first MvF groups this summer.

I àlso tend not to eat in evenings anyway given my skinny fit missus doesn’t and i just got into (or rather out of) the habit - so if I just read up on the science, (I’m the type of person who likes to understand the reasoning behind a theory before I’ll believe and try it myself) I should slip into this lifestyle change quite readily.

I’ve also now ordered book ‘Appetite Correction’ also by Bert Herring. I don’t doubt it all overlaps considerably and lots can also be read on …have a look @Greenballs …tell me your thoughts. :grinning:


I’m up for this in the new year!


Great , get your name on the sheet , if you can’t access it message Doc


I’ll put up a 2019 sheet at the weekend. Plenty of time for everyone to get committed


excellent , just a thought as i’m the only one that skates how about changing it to a walk column as most people do that activity . Have a good christmas