Do you have a 'slow metabolism'?

So there are things that do make it more difficult for some people to loose weight. Genetics and gut bacteria to name two. Having lived with my wife for the past 25 years I can tell you she looses weight a lot easier than me. She’s never had a BMI higher than 25 and if she wants to loose any weight she just stops eating cake.

But as the manvfat book says. Those who find it more difficult to loose weight just have to try harder. My wights been fairly stagnant for the past month. I need to try harder.


this is the dream we all share lol :smiley:

much envy lol

I’ve had similar responses but I’ve actually been quite grateful as I’d rather not have long conversations about it with people I don’t know that well.

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Really interesting debate. Let me echo @Nemo and throw in two other factors which influence, but don’t determine, weight: genetics and socio-economic status.

We know now that our genes have different responses for things like carb sensitivity, I did the DNA test (review on the main site) and wasn’t surprised to learn that I am in the highest category for that. I bet lots of guys here are too. Socio-economic status is also undeniably involved in weight from a statistical point of view.

Couldn’t agree more though that none of these supercede individual responsibility and that is the message we should push.


5 ways to boost your
metabolism & lose weight

  1. Don’t just cut carbs -
    add fiber.

Adding fiber to your diet promotes a
healthy guy bacteria which helps absorb a lot of bloating that happens in your
stomach region.

  1. Lift weights!

Don’t just rely on cardio. Weight training
at least 3 times per week is important to rev your metabolism and burn fat.

  1. Eat protein at every

Eating more proteins at every meal, even in
little ways like nuts and shakes for snacks, stores those calories as muscle
rather than fat.

  1. Don’t be afraid of the
    night time fast.

Save those late night popcorn snacks and
instead try for a 10 - 12 hour fast between your dinner and breakfast every

  1. Practice healthy mind,
    healthy body.

it sounds simple,
but studies say meditating at least once a day can change your entire heart
health & boosts positive choices. Take those 5 minutes to focus on you
instead of what you’re eating next!

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Another I find after being in a calorie deficit for a long time say like few weeks religiously and if you hit a bit of a wall with the weight loss. I find having a day or two off and going back to it really kick starts the weight loss again!

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Sorry to bust the bubble mate, but most of that list isnt actually true

When dieting your metabolism will inevitably slow down to meet your new intake baseline for survival purposes

There are no metabolism boosting foods and calories from protein wont automatically convert into muscle

Lifting weights will defo have a positive impact as muscle tissue is more metabolically active, but for every 1lb of new lean muscle, you’ll only burn approx an extra 6 calories per day

A diet break at around maintenance every few weeks is important to stop your metabolism from crashing too fast

And obviously starting off eating as much food as possible whilst loosing fat is the best approach to keep it dropping too fast is better that crash dieting

But you simply cannot ‘boost’ your metabolism when dieting, its inevitable that it will slow down :+1:

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Have you ever tried to calculate your bmr yourself? My gym does not offer that service and I’m not sure if I can trust online tools… did anyone try something similar?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

hey @colinjohnson, there’s no way to calculate accurately mate… we’re all different, there’s just guidelines that will get us close.

We need to trial & test to see what happens in the real world.

PS - bmr is resting/sleeping/comma calories, we all use more calories than our bmr, as we’re moving… so what you want to find is your MAINTENANCE calories, then how to create the deficit etc

I’d try this:

Track you food intake for a week, at the end of the week add it all up & workout the daily average… that what you’re currently eating… are you maintaining weight as of late? great, that’s likely your maintenance .


use a multipler to estimate

eg: bodyweight in lbs x 10 = bmr

ad multiplier for activity,

sedentry - 1.3
sedentry plus exercise 1.4
active - 1.5
active plus exercise - 1.6

These are just guide posts remember, trial for a week or two & adjust accordingly :slight_smile:

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How about we let you know to f*** right off.

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