DO YOU LIKE FIVERS? Referral Contest



Referral Contest

Referring is getting even more rewarding!

Today we gave out 131 fivers to players who’ve introduced new members to the leagues and we think that’s worth shouting about!

To celebrate, we’ll be running a contest throughout June to to see who can scout the most new members before the end of the month.

Reckon you’re the best scout on your league? Now’s your chance to prove it and get some cash!

If you’re not already familiar with our referral rewards program, the way it works is simple;

  • If you’re a registered member of MAN v FAT Football, you’ll have a referral code you can share anywhere you like. If you don’t already know what your referral code is, you can check it by entering your registered email address at

  • When a new player comes to register, he can save £5 off his registration fee if he enters your code before completing his Direct Debit form

  • Once we’ve received his registration fee, we’ll send you a fiver reward for scouting him

  • There’s no limit to the number of fivers you can earn, so don’t limit yourself to referring friends - if you’re on any forums or Facebook groups, post your code there, explain what it does and why anyone reading would want to use it - you’ll get a fiver for each individual who registers

We keep a log of all referrals and at the end of the month I’ll check back to see which players from each league were the top referrers.

The winner(s) will receive the admiration, envy and kudos of everyone who doesn’t win. What? What do you mean “prize”, isn’t lots of fivers reward enough? Okay, okay, we’ll throw in some extra rewards too.


  • The new player you bring to the league must be genuinely new, or a returning player who has been absent from the league for a period of longer than 30 days, so no trying to get someone to quit and sign up again the next day/week, it won’t wash!

  • The new player must use your referral code when he registers - we get a log of this and it won’t count if you just tell us you got so-and-so to sign up - if the code isn’t used, the Referral Rewards system won’t recognise it.


Bridgwater league 07/06/18 - that's ore like it chaps, well done this week
Yeovil league 08/06/18 - great to see you again boys




It’s now officially July and thanks to the 6 day slowpoke that is Direct Debit, we should have our final tally of referrals in by the start of next week (ie we are still processing some referred players who joined before the end of June)

I can tell you the top referrer so far brought in 5 players to his league in June, has already netted himself £25 and unless someone has made a last minute dash there last week, will be receiving a prize that I’ve now confirmed will be one of our coveted WEIGH, PLAY, LOSE, WIN t shirts! Yoink!


Huge congratulations to @chrisgeary who won our June referral contest, with no fewer than 6 new players brought in to the Milton Keynes league using Chris’ referral code in June!

Chris has snagged himself a lovely WEIGHT PLAY LOSE WIN t shirt


Will you be the one to get the most referrals in July? What will we give away? Stay tuned!


Congratulations to July’s top referrer, Weston-super-Mare’s own @ianforbes42 shirt is on the way!

Competition for August is hotting up, with two players from Taunton and Harlow leagues having already referred three mates each! Who’ll bring home the t shirt?


I referred 2 lads and gave them my code which didn’t work, so they registered without it. Also got another 2 friends keen but my code still doesn’t work, so unsure what I’m supposed to do now?


I’ve just completed a test registration using your code and it’s working, I’ll send you a screenshot via email.
Once the code is entered into the box, hit apply, the amount to pay goes from £9.99 to £4.99 so you can see it’s worked before proceeding.
We can’t apply these retroactively unfortunately!