DODO Diet: the diet where you fast for 2 days a week

Check out this diet!
Apparently if you consume 500 calories 2 days a week, you can eat whatever you like for the remainder of the week and still loose weight.
There is no way I could do this?
If i don’t eat I’d probably end up going on a murder rampage.
Check it out!

isnt it called 5:2? sounds the same.

Similar, it’s a Day On Day Off plan - so basically you don’t eat at all on the three diet days per week. Fraught with issues (eating disorders, headaches, weakness, etc) and generally not to be advised. I’m sure you’d lose weight, but I’m equally sure you’d get fucked off with it pretty quick too.

oh dear that doesnt sound like a good plan at all.

Why not try intermitent fasting instead? Much safer and works a charm. After your last meal of the day you eat nothing for 16 hours. 8 of them you’ll be asleep. You can have black coffee and water when fasting and then 8 hours eat your normal daily meals.

@Eric_Rudd, does that really work, that seems really quite do-able, I take it you still have to be strict during the eight hour ‘eating phase’ though?

strict? no, but you do have to eat within a deficit as in all diets. You can’t do intermittent fasting and eat 10K calories if you see what i mean. IF just helps as it has lots of positive health benefits, HGH levels, increased insulin sensitivity etc. and if your in deficit it makes it much easier to adhere to as effectively you have less time to eat.

If you combine it with IIFYM protocol it makes for a really good flexible method to get lean. IF can help you lose weight with minimal muscle [LBM] loss.

It does work and its still working for me. i lost around 70lbs on this method and found it relatively easy to manage appetite and i dont really get hungry anymore.

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Nice post Johnny.

Mate the first couple of days are hard-ish as your not used to going so long without breakfast etc, but day 3 maybe 4 onwards and your into the pattern. Thing I found was I never felt weak or ill, not like on some diets etc when you change your routine and you can crash a little.
What I tend to do is just not even bother with breakfast after the fast and just have lunch and tea but with a nice healthy snack like some nuts for example to help get me through. I keep my carbs low and only have them after training around 8-9pm. Then it’s fast again till the next days lunch time.

Easy peasy mate.


Thanks for the advice, that really does appear like a way forward!

As I’ve said on other posts I’m really enjoying my running and weight training, but the diet let’s me down all the time, I’m going to give this a go.

Just do a search for intermittent fasting on Google and there are loads of sites for info. So easy.

Jon Calvo Youtube on Intermittent Fasting

I found the ideas from the video link above to be logical and inspiring. The main idea is to eat within a condensed time frame then fast for approximately sixteen hours. Workout at the end of the fast prior to eating.


Hey up @Mindset180, how are you going?

Hey @Mindset180 thanks for sharing your post on intermittent fasting, I read it last night then did a couple hours research. I am doing my first day today and I’m really looking forward to it :smile:


Jon Calvo was my main inspiration and how i found MANvsFAT site. I followed Martin Berkan who started the main-streaming of I.F. ideas. His site is good but isn’t kept up to date any more which is a shame. Jon Calvo seems to have gone off the radar as well. :frowning:

The Hodgetwins on youtube also follow a IF diet and they are in incredible condition. They have one of the largest, if not THE largest online following in the fitness community. They do humour so look like a pair of jokers but are up there with the ogus, zyzz, chris jones etc when it comes to nutrition and body recomposition.

remember that sleep counts towards the fast period so you only need to restrict for about 8 extra hours awake, usually four before and after sleep. easy!

I think the 5:2 diet is the one for me. I watched the Horizon programmes earlier this year and intermittent fasting seemed the best fit for me. Wednesday will be my first day. The science makes sense to me. I think I will keep it simple with meals of porridge/ cereal and beans/ poached egg on toast.