Does anyone use an Instant Pot?


We just got one of these in the amazon sale. Just testing it out for now and wondered whether anyone uses one as either a pressure cooker or slow cooker.


From what I have seen from my friend’s one, it’s a pressure cooker that cooks things quickly but has the stay warm / cook delay option. He was seduced by the blue tooth option, which he has found pretty useless as he has to be near the thing to use it.

Food wise it’s very nice, but the high price seems to be for gimmicks which aren’t very useful.


We use a slow cooker in the winter - nothing like a nice warming casserole that is already prepared when you get in from work.


Use mine pretty much every day. Soups, stews, chicken breasts from frozen, chilli,.

Great for rice & batch cooking incredibly easy peel eggs.

Best to buy it on sale or using a discount code.


I was quite tempted by one of these. They seem to attract either glowing positive reviews or quite scathing negative ones, so I held off. But the idea of a rice cooker, pressure cooker, and slow cooker all in one is a great one, especially for the caravan.

How are you getting on, @Blowers ?


I’ve only used one for a week or so now and it seems to be pretty good albeit takes some getting used to as you need to work out the proportions of liquid to add to recipes. I’ve also been off work so have had more time to experiment. I’ll check back in a couple of weeks once I have embedded it more in to normal life but so far seems positive enough.


Love my Instant Pot. Great way to cook quickly and is great for getting the best out of lean cuts of meat that usually need long slow cooking. It’s great with beans and pulses too.


I just got the Instant Pot ULTRA few days. I love it. Its help me to cook quickly and also there are various recipes we can cook via Instapot.