Does photographing your food inspire healthier choices?


New report out looking at interviews with relentless Instagrammers who post photos of the food they eat. Their conclusion - hell yes it helps.

I think there’s a lot of validity in this. I think provided you do it honestly rather than in the engineered way that I mostly see on the 'gram then it can be of real benefit. It allows others to input on your choices. It keeps you accountable and it may well inspire you (and others) to make healthier choices.

Let’s all do PYG Wednesday next week!


I agree. When I am instagramming I definitely don’t like putting up pictures of the unhealthy garbage I sometimes eat.


And then it at least makes you think - maybe I shouldn’t do this? Or does it just make you move further away from instagram?


It certainly means I eat less unhealthy junk. I enjoy the instagramming side of things, especially when it gets some dialogue going.


I like PYG , I find it really useful…when I remember!


You clearly inspired me.

Big Mac in a bowl with homemade chips! Only 1 syn if you’re following Slimming World.


What’s the secret to the secret sauce?


This one is just 4 parts ketchup, 4 parts light mayo and 1 part american mustard. Pretty close.


I will remember to get back on PYG!


I know this is something we talked about a while go, @admin, in terms of “bullets dodged” or something like that. It might be an interesting little community-related activity if we created a ManVFat Instagram hashtag we could use, then you could put in a widget on the sidebar that would show the last 20 posts with that hashtag or something so we can all see what one another are eating. It could be like #manvfatpyg or #manvfat or ???

I promise to keep it filled with interesting pictures of Thai food, if you decide to do this. :stuck_out_tongue:


We do the Photograph Your Grub Wednesday where the challenge is to take pictures of everything you eat on a Wednesday. But maybe both could work together? @ChevalierTialys what do you think?


Boom! Roasted Chicken! Also, notice the water bottle in the background that looks suspiciously like it isn’t filled with beer.


I actually tag #manvfat everytime I post on my Instagram and use #pygwednesday on Wednesdays.

Having the photos link into the forums and site would Tue the whole thing together nicely. Not sure how easy/difficult it would be to do.


@emma and @mikechristopher that certainly feels like it should be possible. So the idea would be that photos posted to Instagram with a certain hashtag would be pulled into the site, either on a thread or maybe on a sidebar? We could quite easily do it on but I’m not 100% sure about on the forum.

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I don’t take pics of my food much, as it’s what you want to get out of it. I have started a Photo A Day challenge on Instagram and I use the #manvfat hashtag when I’ve got summat to crow about. It keeps me grounded and also put that marker down to say “I lost that weight” or “I did this that I’m proud of today/this week/this month”.


Everything is possible :slight_smile:

You could have it pull into the main site I am sure there will be some sort of Instagram to WP integration and then using the WP to discourse integration we already have to pull it into posts potentially.

Actually looking at it we could use zapier in order to pick up posts from Instagram tags and post them however as per the above method could get messy with it all being from one person / account. Not sure how it would look but something I could test.

It’s not easy unfortunately to have it in like a side bar or something.


Yeah…I do see the potential problem of one fat guy in Thailand taking over the feed and filling it with pictures of grilled squid, chicken feet, and other horrors. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just throwing it out there as an idea. If it is too much of a pain in the ass, that is totally understandable. I will continue to post things tagged with #ManVFat just in case you guys want to fiddle with it a bit.

Here is lunch today! Lets see whether their embed code is compatible!


A post shared by Jason Brink (@jasonbrinkbkk) on Apr 30, 2017 at 9:52pm PDT


Testing link share

If you cope the Instagram link and paste it in it will automatically embed the picture as per above


I have an IG account that I use solely for posting pics of food/weigh ins. It was extremely helpful when I lost a lot of weight a few years ago, especially as there’s a huge community of people losing weight and a lot of encouragement and support out there (especially if you’re doing Slimming World or Weight Watchers).

I haven’t been eating so well recently and so haven’t been posting :smile: When I eventually get my act together I will return to posting pics of what I eat, I found that it inspired me to try new things and seeing other people’s success is really inspiring.

There’s #manvfat which has a lot of foodie posts and pics from the football leagues under it already, it’d be great to see the pics on the site somewhere!


@admin - for the main site there are many plugins for instagram - be it if you want it as a module in the page or as a gallery etc. Let me know if you need any assistance. For discourse however thats a more difficult matter :slight_smile: