Started Man V Fat a little over a year ago now and have just topped the 3 stone mark. During this time I have only been to the gym a few times and solely concentrated on the football and my diet.

I have recently joined the gym and decided now was the time to get some sessions in with a personal trainer to help boost the weight loss. However, after my session this week I have the worst DOMS I have ever experienced. I know it gets easier the more you do it but does anyone have any tips in helping relieve some of the pain I am currently experiencing


It’s imperative to warm up fully before a workout and to cool down afterwards, especially stretches. Don’t sit down straight after a workout either.

You’ll not be able to get rid of DOMS completely, but the above should help considerably. Another way to look at it is that you know it’s been a good workout if you’re sore!


The PT got me to both warm up and cool down. Don’t get me wrong the workout was intense and I at the time felt like I was going to be sick.

I was thinking more in the sense of supplements to quicken the healing process.


No idea, would’ve thought protein though.

@maxnas is your man.


Ibuprofen can help, you’ll be surprised how quickly you get past it though, i started a weights program in January, only had bad doms on my first session for each muscle group.


Try contrast showers HOT then REALLY COLD… It sucks but it gets the blood flowing and is invigorating!. Besides that plenty of protein, water and sleep.

Ps. Dont let it deter you! Get back on the horse and workout again soon youll be impressed with how fast your recover can be improved with multiple workouts per week! (as long as your not absolutely murdering yourself lol workout hard but dont murder…:slight_smile):


What is a DOM?


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness aka sore muscles lol


I definitely intend on carrying on as I felt great immediately after the workout it was the following days that I didn’t

I tried a hot water bottle on the various muscles last night and I have woken this morning feeling a hell of a lot better than I did last night.


It’s just a normal part of the process whilst your body is adapting to the new stimuli mate, you just have to go through it & out the other side. That being said, getting adequate protein could help to mitigate things… but it’s pretty much inevitable when starting out (especially on the lower body)



Do people suffer from this after running, either harder than normal or further for longer?


Absolutly! Running stresses your leg muscles do to all the eccentric loading.(like absorbing the impact while you run.) You deffinatly can feel sore after running especially if you push yourself:)


I tend to have monday off then
tues - 1 hour football
wed - jog with dog 3km
thurs - 1 hour football
fri - jog with dog 3km
sat - jog with dog 3km (with 4km walk earlier in day.)
sun - jog with dog 3km (with 4km walk earlier in day.)

I’m not a runner. I struggle to go further than about 4km. I do it to take the edge off calorie intake. Except last weekend I played an extra match of football instead of running (did do it sat or sun), was fine that day, but sunday night the thighs were gone. even tuesday night I struggled after about half an hour.

What to do, what to do…


Looks like you do a lot! Good work. Make sure your stretching out them legs. Also maybe switching up one day or so and do like biking or rowing. That way your body sees a different movement and doesn’t get beat up from the same thing. Changing types of excersises is good for not getting over used/trained. Just my 2cents lol


If using the same muscle groups/movement patterns, its quite the opposite actually


Either way, not been on the exercise bike or bicycle since we moved last October!

It was shortly after we moved that I bought the Garmin watch & started trying to run.


Cycling and jogging are not the same movement patters. Same muscles though. Like back squat and front squat. Plus cycling has less impact=more recovery. Not saying you shouldnt preform the same movements multiple times per week, saying there is benefit in variation. Especially if hes not trying to be a “runner”.

Movement pattern over load is real thing, very much so if we are talking about non strength training exercises.


Are you asking or trying to educate? (being a 15+ year qualified trainer & sports nutritionist I’m well versed in this area) if it’s the former I’m more than happy to explain further in full detail. :slight_smile:


Only a matter of time before mr max came in😂