Both exercises alternate through both quad & hamstring extension and flexion. A movement pattern is the pathway through both the extension and flexion of a muscle or group of muscles that move a bodypart towards and/or away from the bodies center of gravity.

Cycling also includes hip extension and flexion.

Both also include ankle extension and flexion.

Both have a positive impact on each other performance improvement wise, thus meaning subbing one for the other doesn’t give the other a ‘break’ or avoid over training

Although there was one paper back in something like 2008/2009 that shows cycling doesn’t provide as much muscular stress as running… lemme go dig out out of my files

Got it (see below)

Although keep in mind this is just one single study in a vacum, there are others that show the opposite

Anyway, this was about strength training & DOMS

Swapping a flat barbell bench press to a different variation of the bench press won’t prevent DOMS or prevent the muscles from being overused, as it’s the same movement pattern thus means the same muscle groups are being recruited for the most part. (pecs, anterior delts, triceps, lats to a smaller degree & the core then depending on the variation a number of other muscles for positioning & stability)

In fact swapping strength training exercises could prolong DOMS in some cases as you’re throwing an extra spanner in the works & now need more time for adaptations to occur, especially if you’ve gone from an exercise with a barbell (fixed position) to a dumbbell variation (non fixed position) since you’ll now be recruiting extra muscles for stability as well as the neuro muscular skill set required to perform the movement itself effectively (this is why people are usually weaker with dumbbell variations of exercises compared to barbell variations)

But then the same could be said for the opposite, going from dumbell work to fixed machine work could in theory recruit less muscle groups &/or fibres to a smaller degree (sometimes used as a tool for managing injuries & structural uncomfort)

Strength training periodization over a number of months (micro & meso cycles) however is a different ball game & very valid, as well as autoregulating strength training sessions to a certain degree is proven to be a useful tool in the literature (moreso for enjoyability & boredom prevention)

Point being, DOMS is an inevitable part of lifting when starting out, stick with the plan and go through it, trying to swap things up before you’re body has had the chance to adapt to the new stimuli will likely only prolong it

Hope this helps anyone reading this :slight_smile:


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