Doncaster MvF v Grimsby MvF


Afternoon MvF world. I am trying to arrange an 11-a-side match where the MvF players from Doncaster will play against the players from Grimsby. It is hoped that this would be the first of many games that we can arrange against other MvF Leagues in the Yorkshire/Lincolnshire/Humber region. Maybe with the possiblity of setting up a league somewhere down the line.

The proposed details are as follows:

MvF Doncaster v MvF Grimsby
11-a-side match
19th May
1pm Kick Off
Cost per player £5
Club Doncaster Academy, Doncaster 4G Pitch

We need to know if this is something that you would actually want to take part in, we have more than enough players already interested from Doncaster so we are jsut waiting on you guys now.

I need a point of contact from Grimsby so that we can arrange this and also sort out some rules that we each need to follow in the lead up to the game and during the game itself.

We have approxiamtely 6 weeks to get this sorted out but I need to confirm the pitch booking

If any other leagues in the Yorkshire/Lincolnshire/Humber region would be interested in a game please let me know


Defence/midfield, largentina