Dream Team has landed Just for fun mini league


If anyone is interested, we have started a dream team fantasy football mini league (The sun) free to enter.
Lee (3 corners shoreditch)


Is this an MvF one?


I am already on here with some people: https://fantasy.premierleague.com

Willing to set up a MVF league if anyone is on there.


please do, seems like there are a lot interested in it, im certainly one up for bragging rights and having a laugh


If anyone is on the premier league one and wants to join a league then feel free to join - code is
53063-184206 (You need to be registered and have team set up before you can join the league).

Not meaning to jump on your toes @Lee_Whitman its just I know there are a few fantasy football sites out there so just giving an option in case people are already on that one like me :slight_smile:


hey mike if you want to join my league as well then feel free, I have a couple involved and shared it ou to the rest of the lads in my league

the code is 782751-188334


also my team is athletinot


Wouldn’t go near it!



join mine on premierleague.com steve, it would be nice to have you along


Hi khyle
Have now joined your league I also have a similar team name as in Once Athletic. Roll.on the start of the season


im looking forward to it dude. see how everyones teams do, I went for a high scoring front three with good midfielders, but not the best defenders, who do you balance your teams?


how do you balance your fantasy team mate, is it all about three top goalscorers up front, or solid all over?


Mixture tbh - a couple of good front men and back men and then hope for the best lol


I went for what is a hopefully a strong front three, with kane, lukaku and defoe up top, a couple of good keepers, and van dijk, pogba is a man im hoping will smash some points for me


I hopefully have gone for a strong strike force with Rooney morata and lukaka and a few that did me proud last year like Alonso walker and eriksen but will probably change several times before we start as I am a bit of a tinkerman.


I have gone Lukaka, Lacazette and Defoe up front - Courtois in goal

I may have to change a couple of midfield / defence I think as few injuries pending but waiting out for just before the league starts before doing so.


i agree with you most definitely steve, as you need down to injuries and bans, but this is the better dream team as it allows you subs, the other one you have to be so careful with your transfers, just in case someone gets injured. McCauley did me so proud last season, what with scoring seven goals from cb.

but I went for people who I think will have a good season. Van Dijk is a doubt, but I will leave that right up to the first week, and see whats going on with him, then maybe swap him out and make it a 3-4-3 and slide lingard back in there

But I will give my front 3 a go and see what happens, as im not too sure bout lacazette yet, but basthuyai might be a very good shout.


just changed my team, looking at the lads I had in my midfield and didn’t think they were going to be productive enough, lingard is awesome, but I don’t think hes going to earn to many points, and however much I love lanzini I had other thoughts, so I took, kante, ward prowse, lingard, lanzini and defoe out, and brought in loftus-cheek, fabregas, mata, chadli and Javier hernandez. I think its made the team better over all


I have been tweaking constantly also - been moving around defence mainly due to injuries. Not long now until start of the season


I know I cannot wait, im waiting to see what happens with van dijk to see if he moves away from Southampton, as im really unsure about keeping him in my team whilst his future hangs in the balance, but im going to watch the everton game on tv tonight, see if Michael keane plays