Dry January 2019



Anyone doing Dry January this year?

How are you doing?

How to survive Dry January

Yup, I’m doing Dry January.

I’m off on holiday on 1st February so felt like an ideal time to cut it out. I worked out that I’d drunk every day for about 2 weeks straight by the time I had my last beer on 30th December.

Not finding it too difficult at the mo as so many other people around me are doing it, but when I’m working away from home it’s harder to convince colleagues to do anything other than go to the pub.


Also doing it. No appetite for it. Will be and should be an easy month.


Sounds like you’re both doing well, it helps when you genuinely don’t want to drink and have likeminded people around. @Ppaul going to the pub seems to be the default thing to do when socialising and it’s really hard to get people to do other things! Hopefully you can find some decent non-alcoholic drinks when you do go


Haven’t had a drop since Boxing Day 2017 so technically I’m doing it. :joy:


Never mind dry January, had a dry Christmas!


I’m doing RED January for Mind Charity keeping active everyday of the month!


as in Run Every Day?
if so why not join us on DSED there is a thread on the forum and a spread sheet


Yep as in RED January, il take a look. Thanks


9 days in and is the longest ive gone without a drink in 20 years, and yes could murder a pint. not actualy doing dry jan but not drinking till ive lost some proper weight.


I feel a fake, I hardly drink but have said I won’t drink in January just to show solidarity with a few others who are doing it. Im trying to do exercise every day as something a little more challenging.


I love the booze - probably too much at times. A nice craft IPA or a good single malt. Anyway I cant cut down so I have to go the full cold-turkey. Not touched a drop since 2nd January. I will have a drink on 26th to celebrate my Mother’s 80th then nothing until April to then celebrate my son’s 21st. Feeling so much better for it.


look forward to seeing your name on the sheet, we had a RED sheet before Doc Bong put up the DSED one , it just covers more activities


I know the feeling 10 days done longest I’ve gone since I was 16. It’s difficult breaking the habit but getting there.


Day 10 and going strong. Done a week once but that was only cos kids and wife forced me , just counted days down then strait back on it. This is for me now so might last bit longer.