Dry September?

I can do that

My plan is 30/30 days dry, simple as that.

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Yes…I mean 30/30 as from the 1st.
Was just thinking about this week leading up to it, that’s all.

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Ah, sorry.

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No worries mate.
Getting ready for this. Thanks.

Are we going for this @ilpirata @bignorthernlad @smithr82 @Adrian @Big_Fella @baxter?
1/1 dry for me.

1/1 for me too

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Nothing for me today either

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I’m in for sure…from tomorrow. Friends here today, and we have a celebration.

I’m back on the wagon after a heavy weekend at a music festival last week. The plan is to keep off the drink until November when I’m at another gig.

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I’m in…had 5 dry days already! Less bloated and feeling less hungry…

2/2 for me.

Well I’m in but it needs a spreadsheet. @ilpirata can you insert one in your post at the top?

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I haven’t had a drink since June, and I plan to keep going so I’m in.

Too technical for me! Anyone able to assist?

Ned Ludd.

Ummm I’m out tonight! I think it’s illegal for a Geordie to go out and drink soft drinks :joy::joy::joy: and I’m on tour with the rugby lads next weekend - that’s the rugby lads!! Then it’s my birthday this month

Can I do October :laughing:

@mikechristopher can you help embed this spreadsheet at the top of this thread?


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2 Becks Blue and a virgin mojito. 2/2

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Had a couple tonight but back on it tomorrow.