DSED 2019: Do something every day in 2019


Do SOMETHING every day in 2019. Run, swim, cycle, skate, lift. Just do something.

Here’s the sheet. Sign yourselves up by adding your name to JANUARY, and then just add your activity every day.

If you miss a day, or get injured it doesn’t disqualify you. Once you’ve started, you’ll always have a place on the sheet.


Hi Doc, Iooking forward to Jan 1st let’s hope there are plenty of names on the sheet next year. Have a good Xmas and new year


Think that’s my name in each month. I’ve done it on my phone so hopefully it saves.

Looking forward to this although a little apprehensive all the same!


I’m in too, hope to start the year with a bang at the parkrun. have a good xmas everyone


Can’t amend. And won’t load to my google sheets on phone. Someone add me there

Edit: worked. Had to hold it down and open with :+1:t2:


@Zero4 - get your arse in here.


I have put my hand up (but not my a£se as you so kindly suggested), and I’m awaiting the list from @Doctor_Bong

Happy Boxing Day folks!


It’s on this thread just add ur name


Jiggered if I can make it work. Although I’ve got rubbish reception out here in deepest Brittany, I can scroll the months, but can’t get name onto sheet.

When I do get there, how do I get rowing onto list I lieu of something else…maybe obvious once I get it to accept anything!

Maybe there is and I’ve just not seen it, but might it be good to have an aggregate metreage year-to-date, or is that not of interest or relevance?

No, I’ve tried holding down, double-clicking…add ‘Row’? … can’t fathom, sorry. Help @Doctor_Bong please.


Have you got Google sheets app on your device? I think as you don’t own the sheet you would need Doc to add in a rowing column


Cheers @kevinb1959 , don’t think I do have that on phone, I’ll try the tablet in the morning, and hopefully the splendid @Doctor_Bong will kindly add rowing to list when he returns from his Christmas rest!


I’m not at the stage of being fit enough to run, but can I fill in the Running column for the time being until I get fit enough to run ?


Hi guys i`m in, add my name need the kick up arse , and the focus!!!


Hi guys

I’ll dive into the sheet tomorrow, so any additional requests, let me know by then.

Everyone has edit rights, so should be able to access.

Also, as far as I’m aware you can’t edit on a phone UNLESS you have the (free) Google Sheets app.

I’ll add a Rowing column, but bear in mind that the more columns, the wider the sheet, so a rowing column will make the sheet up to 31 columns wider.

No more extra columns, otherwise we’d have to move to a database instead of using a spreadsheet, and I’m useless with databases.


Yes, of course you can. The sheet’s fr you guys to use, not for anyone else.

It’s great to see your progress if you’re using aC25K programme.


Doc if it helps change the skate column to rowing as it’s only me plus it’s only a once a week activity and I guess more are likely to row and more often during the week



All; thanks to @kevinb1959 generosity, please use the Skating column for rowing.

If I get my PC working today, I’ll make the update.

Happy New Year


Ffs this starts tomorrow.


Bring it on folks. @Doctor_Bong is it still editable?


Parkrun tomorrow to start the year off, good luck everyone.