DSED 2019: Do something every day in 2019


Rehab gym has been going quite well. Did a new program of lighter weights and more reps tonight. Wow! 3.1tonnes! Interesting to see how I feel the morning.

Swimming tomorrow evening. That’s also really helped my knee.

Running soon, I hope


Swimming Tonight. Thought I’d post the plan up just to keep me honest:

Pyramid: 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L

Pyramid: 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m

Pyramid: 4L, 3L, 2L, 1L


That was interesting. Forgot that the pool was 30m long. Finished up doing 3000m. Quite impressed.


Excellent well done, I will be swimming twice a week soon as I will be not working from the end of the month, and also looking to get my run distance up as I will have more time to get out. Pity more aren’t filling in the chart. Have a good week


Haven’t recorded March. Just checked last opened sheet in 27th feb. I’ve wverything I’ve done anyway. I’ll update :+1:t2:


Well, the charts there for those that want it.

I’m swimming twice a week now. Still can’t run, but I’m content to be patient, use swimming for aerobic, and use gym and yoga for strength.

I’m hoping that I’ll come back stronger.


Well I shall hopefully be adding more to the sheet after next week as I will have more free time. I think I may even look at the local running clubs as manvfat football hasn’t reached Torbay , there is always walking football😁


Do it. You’ll amaze yourself.


Another decent swim tonight. 2150m for me. Our coach is definitely upping the ante, probably because open-water season is approaching. Got to say, I’m really looking forward to the lake opening again. I’m so much better than last year.


i have been thinking of getting a shorty suit and doing some swimming in the sea now that i will have plenty of time to fill , if i’m not careful i will start thinking about triathalons


I wouldn’t bother with a shorty. They don’t keep the heat in.


many years ago i used to do a lot of diving using wet and dry suits , the regulars i see don’t bother with a suit , but thats definitely not for me now, the sea water outdoor pool is another decent outdoor venue and no tides and currents to worry about. i shall have a look at some of the local suppliers later today


Sheet updates for the month of March. Activity definitely down but I’d say up a lot in 12 month. Better than sitting on the sofa


great just had a squint at it, just need your mate atb88 to add his stuff now. I have been reading the threads you are both on. you have both done well, wish manvfat had been around 20 years ago.


Keeping this at the top.
11km walk yesterday
21.5 on spin bike today


Still very gym-focused. First steps back to running this Saturday when I tailwalk at Parkrun.


Trying to run every other day now I’m not working full time and just a short spin on my bike today back from the shop that serviced it. Looks like new😊


With visitors and mid term I’m getting nothing done. I have got 2 spin classes in in the last week but that’s all I can record


Ended up with a stinking cold , activities got curtailed last week, but hopefully out for a run first thing tomorrow. Just done a few weights and skipping to stop me getting too lethargic and a couple of walks


Hope you’re feeling better soon @kevinb1959. I had a cold yesterday, but it seems to have been a 24 hour thing.

New rehab routine at the gym. Much harder. Hope it pays off.