DSED 2019: Do something every day in 2019


Much better today must have been the max strength lem sip. Did 15km on my skates tonight , back running tomorrow


15 miles on my just serviced road bike, felt great had a 5 minute sit by the river dart very peaceful, soon be back in the groove, running tomorrow


Think you put your 22k cycle yesterday on my line by mistake, I just corrected it


Wow! I’m now on the “Advanced Lower Limb” programme from the hospital. It’s a brute. First time I’ve been out of breath from weight training. It’s 4 exercises, 4 sets of 15 reps per set. On the single Leg exercises that’s 4x15 per leg. 6000kg in total!!!


Possibly. I’ve been to used to putting in row number 9


Won’t be doing anything today apart from the stretching exercises for my knee. Plan is to try Parkrun at a very sedate pace, tomorrow.


22km on spin bike last night. Nothing today but booked in for tomorrow morning.


Visitors arriving today for a week😬 so time is at premium hope to get a few weights, skipping and a ride on my bike before they arrive


Spin class today. Don’t ususlly do instructor led but it was good 20.4km


First Parkrun in 9 weeks. I did a 2 mile walk-run self-assessment on my knee, and decided to have a go. Finished in 31:05, but managed to jog all the way. Let’s see how the next 24 hours go.


Hope to get back to park running again soon, just back from a ride to kingswear on the river dart very pleased to complete it as each way there is a 2.5 mile climb hope to do this at least once a week now


Bumping. Also hoping to get running at some stage now the weight has come off a bit. Back in Ireland for 2 weekends in the summer. Wouldn’t mind giving one a bash.
Table updated and I’ve noticed too many blank spaces. May will be different.


Managed a 2.25 mile run last night. No pain but the leg is stiff this morning. A walk should sort that out, hopefully.


We have had visitors all week so getting out has been a non starter , but up early for a swim tomorrow. Good news about the leg Doc. I’ve been walking around
In my new sauconys to get the broken in, might try them sunday