DSED 2019: Do something every day in 2019

Parkrun yesterday. Sub-26 minutes, but still residual stiffness in the left knee. I’m thinking that all the strengthening exercises are really helping, and that when I get back to full fitness I may be stronger than before. Y’gotta hope

Up and running for May. 5km walk yesterday morning in the heat. 21.5 km on the spin bike this morning.

Spin class today 21.6km. 4km walk on the beach yesterday

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Need to update for May. Did Parkrun in Newcastle this morning. Need to rest knee for a couple of days, now.

Spin class yesterday and today. Sheet updated. Gave it more power today and can feel it in my legs all day.

Yoga last night. Can’t really enter that in DSED as I can’t think of a way of measuring it.

Finally got DSED up to date for May

I should be adding to the sheet from tomorrow as I’m back from holiday and need to get the pounds shifters again

Back at last, running first thing and 14 mile skate tonight

Updated the sheet to today. 3 spin classes in last few days and Saturday morning was an 8k charity walk.

Gym tonight. Furthest I’ve got on knee rehab. Included a PB of 45 single Leg squats.

Went for an 7km walk yesterday morning. All done before 10am in the heat. Not easy.

Got a walk on Thursday 7km again and the same planned for this morning. One spin class one the weekend yesterday 22.5km

Got the 7km walk in this morning. Not easy in the heat

1600m swimming tonight. May have been more but I lost my count so I’ve erred on the conservative side. My body knows what it did, and I’m sure it’ll let me know when I look at the scales in the morning.

Spin class last night. 23km

Sheet updated. 2 spin classes and a bit of walking over the week.

Updating the sheet as I go. Few spin classes this week. Walking not as much as temp now over 40 in the morning and as high as 42 by 10am

Think I need to get that sheet updated!!!

Me too , just been cycling the last week and swimmimg on Saturday due to a foot injury , hopefully back to running on monday

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