DSED 2019: Do something every day in 2019


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I’ll be kicking off at Fulham Palace Parkrun at 1030 tomorrow.


@Zero4 I’ve created a row for you. You have the link. If you can’t edit the embedded version, this is the URL LINK


Cheers, I’m just installing Google Sheets onto my tablet. I think the fact we’re in deepest Brittany with dodgy internet connection is hampering the speed of download. That is what I need is it not? Cheers


Yep. Works on my tablet. Happy New Year


And to you @Doctor_Bong and all them there folks on DSED! Happy New Year from temporary home en France!


And we’re off. Great start to the year with a PB at Tooting Common Parkrun. 23:34 on a nice flat course, and without having to dig too deep.

If the gym’s open, I’ll go there tomorrow, then running Thursday, swim Friday, and my first ever representative XC on Saturday.

I’ll be looking for a new MVFIA group ideally to start on Monday to get rid of the seasonal weight.


Off to some sort of start, 10k on rower…nice to be underway. I’m restricted to rower whilst on holiday here in Brittany, back on Sunday and can start to add cycling from Monday.


Sadly overslept today , blame that on watching Madness last night , so just did a 4k run out to Churston and back and then 10 mind in the back garden trying to get to grips with my new beastgear skipping rope. Blooming hard work not as easy as I thought, a challenge for 2019. Might get some core sliders from the beast gear website , . Happy new year all DSED ’ ers


How many skips did you manage? I can’t do 2 in a row. Don’t understand how it’s all supposed to fit together.

I’m going to look at YouTube. My ex-wife left her rope in the house, so it’s mine now bwahaha!


Just finished a spin class. 22km on the bike when I got off it. I’ll take that. Knees are hit and miss so my only form of cardio for now.


Off to a terrible start. Hit 10k steps but no exercise per se. All my motivation seems to have disappeared, however, I’m still making better food choices to make up for it.


OK. So, what are you going to do tomorrow.

There’s 364 days left in this year.


Not sure, work is now a 2 hour commute each way and I’m moving flat in 2 weeks so expect I’ll be busy with flat hunting and packing. Not an ideal start to the year but it won’t affect my progress.


Right, Wednesday’s off and running…or rowing, I should say 5,000m bout just done, and in off the decking outside our back door of holiday cottage for quick black coffee before heading out there again. Got to get the kilometres in before missus gets back from dogwalking…I like to do it alone!

Another cheeky 5k done, within 2 seconds of the first. As the target is 10k a day, whatever I do today from now on is a bonus! :grinning:. Keep at it chaps!


I have only had 2 sessions so far harder that I expected but I have managed 20 so far. I will try again today. The reason I asked santa for one is the hotel I use for 2 nights is on a very busy lane that’s not safe to run in the dark but I thought this would be ideal in the carpark. Sandra got it from beastgear as she said it got very good reviews. I might get some core sliders off them to stick in my bag as well. Well 1 k swim so far , run later😀


Just added in my walk for 2k for yesterday. Gym tonight so will see how that goes.


Spin session just done. 2 in 2. 21.5km


Bas£ard @Greenballs … I’d done 17k on rower and was about to nip out and not it up to a neat and creditable, round-numbered 20k when I saw you’d posted spin session of excellent 21.5k…so instead of just 3k you made me do 4.5k. :joy::joy:.

Cheers! …so 21,512 metres (sorry @Greenballs, it just rolled on as I grabbed my camera!)…91 minutes and, so it says, 1,346 calories burned.


Good to see you didn’t leave your competitiveness back in England. More of the same tomorrow. I may even stay in for longer


No don’t £uckin’ bother @Greenballs !