DSED 2019: Do something every day in 2019


Unplanned 5k walk tonight on my own. Was supposed to go out as a family but the 4 year old had a meltdown.


No exercise again due to being busy and some chest pains. 24 hour ECG tomorrow to hopefully determine what’s going wrong.

Knowing me, my heart will act perfectly tomorrow and not show anything bad. Wanker. :joy:

Apologies for not bringing much to this yet, but I’ll be in with a bang once I get myself sorted with my relocation and my heart.


3km run tonight. Original plan was to go to gym, but it wasn’t open. Rest of week should be:
Thursday - Club run. Hills
Friday - Gym
Saturday - XC Club race 12km
Sunday - Swim


Monday - Swim
Tuesday - Gym or run
Wednesday - Gym or bike
Thursday - Run
Friday - Bike


Sorry to hear about the heart. I’ve got a 24 hour ECG on order due to my little fainting spell in December. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Even if you get out and walk for 30 minutes you can count that. It’s about building habits.


25km on a spin bike tonight. Calf is a bit tight so may just get a walk in tomorrow but you never know. It’s about DSED at the end of the day👍🏻


Sad from a personal viewpoint to record just 5k on rower…and that was a hurried exercise done to record SOMETHING, anything so it wasn’t nought!.. we’ve been out all day taking in scenery of Brittany and loads of dogwalking.

We left relatively early, considering we’re on holiday, but as how I’ve done other days, I prefer to get my rowing done before the rest of the day proceeds…but had to keep 'er indoors onside. It was me who suggested the day out as I was getting negative vibes about my previous holiday input into her happiness! Women! FFS. :grinning::grinning:


Yes. Something. That’s the point.

Nice job. :+1::+1::+1:


4 mile club run tonight. Hills. Deliberately didn’t join the longer group as I have a 12km XC on Saturday afternoon. No Parkrun for me on Saturday morning.


Persevering with the skipping and my technique is improving ,up to 35 consecutive skips, certainly gets the heart rate up. If you look on brastvgear website there is a skipping guide. Yesterday was just a fast walk and 10 minute skip , swimming today and a run later, back to work Tuesday :sunglasses:


How’s the heart thingy going today @atb88 ?


Heading to the doctors in an hour to have the monitor removed, find out after that. Still getting the odd twinge every now and then.


Got an hours footy tonight with the guys from ManVFat so will be interesting to see how I get on with that. I struggle in the usual 30mins game with subs so will be tough going for sure.


10,000 metres on rower. Could have gone on, but that distance is a target I’ve set myself for each day this month, so why do I necessarily want to surpass it?

One reason could have been that we’ll be traveling in the car and train over next two days, back from France so I won’t be able to exercise, but still…I stopped!! :grinning:


4K walk today at the beach. It was 26 but it felt cold.


You’ll have to whip it out on the train💪🏻 Row the channel as such


If I were to whip it out on the train I’d probably get arrested…just like last time!


Hate when that happens


Surely you’d get it chopped off out there too?


Played an hour of football tonight enjoyed it a lot heart took a pounding!


Supposed to swim today but pool closed. Poor planning on my part.

XC race tomorrow will make up, but I’m afraid today’s a blank.