DSED 2019: Do something every day in 2019



20.6 on the spin bike today. :+1:t2:


10k row, then packed rower into car for tomorrow’s journey back to Blighty. 7 hour drive to Calais, leaving at 5.30 in morning, and then not back to Wiltshire til evening so tomorrow’s going to be a blank for me fellas.


1k swim this morning and an indoor skate this afternoon ( not counting now), up early tomorrow for a run before traffic gets busy and maybe a spin out to Torquay on my bike later


Very pleased with the way the XC went today. I managed a PB for 10km on what was a pretty hilly, muddy course. I think I was the last of my club to finish, but I was only 5-6 minutes behind our good runners.

What impressed me most was the camaraderie on the course. I ran the last 5km with two guys from different clubs. We took turns taking the lead, encouraged each other all the way, and gave ourselves a little sprint finish at the end.

Definitely doing the next one. Oh! That’s next week…


Feeling a bit achy today, and swimming pool not open due to “issues”, so I settled for a 5 mile recovery walk.


Did 19.6k on spin bike this morning and just in from a 4km walk. Wife and child went for a nap so I took myself out


Be tired today so just a short walk this afternoon , 10 mins with the beast and a short jog tonight, crashed out on the sofa now😁


4.5km walk with the fam tonight. Kid in pram so good pace.


Boshed out 15,000 metres on rower…
1 hour, 8 minutes of pure fun!

Not that fast; BUT, it was done in fasted state. Three weeks, 2 days into IF and it’s getting easier.


1700m first swim of the year. Good to stretch out the body after Saturday’s efforts. Still feeling that.


4.6km walk yesterday morning
5.3km walk this morning.

Should be hitting a spin class tomorrow either morning or night time


5,000 metres row. Bit whimpy, but setback at work meant delay and pressed for time in evening. It’s SOMETHING…and as @Doctor_Bong says, that’s the objective.

I’m planning good things tonight!


Wednesday today, and back in the game properly I think:

One hour on Wattbike:

30.5 kilometres at 65% max heart rate… ideal fat burning mode.

Followed by 5,000 metre rowin 21 minutes…again in fat burn mode…and all in fasted state.

Happy with that.


Was supposed to have a lazy morning today but got bored and went on a 5.5km walk. Have spin session later if the wife decides not to go.


sadly didnt get anything done last night aprt from 20 mins in the hotel room using the beast core sliders
https://www.beastgear.co.uk/products/core-sliders ,


22.8km on the spin bike :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Club run tonight. Took it easy as my Achilles was twinging slightly and we have a XC league fixture on Saturday.

Yes, I seem to be a Cross Country convert!

Not sure of distance tonight as my watch ran out of charge. I’m thinking maybe 4 miles.


2km wall at the beach yesterday.
25km on spin bike tonight


6.5km walk this morning along the coast.