DSED 2019: Do something every day in 2019


Nothing on Friday as we had a XC league race on Saturday and we were under orders to stay fresh and injury-free.

Race was good. It’s a real step-up in ability for me. I’m racking up new Personal Bests, but still finishing in the last 10%. That’s fine, though. It’s very inclusive and the guys on the team are really encouraging. One more race this season, and I’m already looking forward to October when the 2019-20 season starts.

Today is recovery, so it’ll be a long walk on the Common for me.


One hour Wattbike yesterday:

33.5 kilometres in fat burning mode:…and in fasted state.


And another hour today, again fasted state, but only 31k covered…

…and then an 8k row…


5k walk and a spell on the bike today decided against a jog as I have a calf strain, back to the pool tomorrow


5.3km walk this morning. Good pace. Hopefully I’ll be running that soon with the knees. We’ll see. That would give the Indian and Pakistani construction workers something to distract themselves.


Another walk in this evening 4.8 km👍🏻


Swim and exercise bike today for me, hopefully calf will be ok when I get back home Thursday and I can try a gentle jog, and lucky me with have an evening skate to look forward to on Friday


Banged in a warm-up on Wattbike, followed by 20 minute test to evaluate average wattage output over twenty minute segment. Figures used then to calculate future training zones on the stationary bike.

39 kilometres an hour. 13 kilometres + 8 Kms warm-up.


1650m swim tonight


6.1km walk this morning. Good paced walk in the sun


14,000 metres boshed out in one set…1 hour 3 minutes of pure joy!

I actually did another 500m whilst correcting the technique of young lad on rower next to me and requested it, or I’d probably said nothing…I’ll not claim the 500 coz I was chatting through it!


7km walk this morning. Faster pace than yesterday. Any faster and I’m jogging but not yet for the knees


Gym last night. I’m fighting off a cold so I may take east tonight.


Bosh! 10,000 metres. Job done.


25.1km on the spin bike. Been a few days and glad to get a change from walking. No class now til Sunday


5.5km walk yesterday by the beach

Got out tonight for 6.9km walk


Parkrun today. First time at Richmond Park, which is a single lap course. Quite undulating, and fairly busy with about 550 runners. Finished in top half with 27:25. Happy with that


Walking between tube stations to get to theatre to see Catherine Tate comedy in West End = no exercise.

Sorry chaps, I’ll make up for it.


7km walk this morning


Traipsing up Oxford Street, not real exercise. Maybe I’ll get a Wattbike ride in when I get home, otherwise I’ll have to just get stuck back in again tomorrow.