DSED 2019: Do something every day in 2019


Gym today. Youngest can’t swim for a bit as he has a bump on his nose that stops him wearing his goggles, so I introduced him into the world of lifting.


Hey Doctor_Bong. Brand new here. Love you thread and the message you are driving. To get 2019 started right, I committed to 30 minutes of walking every single day rain or shine. And recommitted to the gym 3 times a week. I am averaging 1-2 a week. But that elusive 3 is just not happening. Or, more simply, I am not making it happen. So here’s to ditching excuses and making things happen.


Went a 5km walk this morning. Got to about 2.7 and had to turn back for the 5k and decided to do a slow jog. To my surprise I jogged the rest of the 5k I planned to do stopping once. Small steps.


Swimming tonight was mostly about arms, and getting our catch more efficient. Did 1500m overall. Fun finish with some Doggy Paddle Relay races.


Just over 2k walk tonight. Quick one as I was chasing the steps. Good pace tho today even with sore legs.


One hour, 32 kilometres on Wattbike last night and just on way home now to bash out the same again!


6.5km run on snowy, slippy paths. Apparently the steam coming off my head at the end was quite a picture. Wish someone had a camera!


8.1km walk today by the beach Alongside this bad boy


Back to spin this morning 26.2 on the bike. Good workout.


8.1km of hills last night. Pretty tough, but looking at my Strava data, I definitely slacked off. Have to put a bit more effort in next week.


I’ve had an ‘easy’ week. Not good for a dsed thread I’d agree, but I’m back on it today with a modest 5k row, but mindset changed again, I’ve been concentrating on my food lifestyle and helping couple of female friends out with their changes - each of whom are thriving in intermittent fasting…


Parkrun this morning. Decent effort despite a shocking hangover from last night. Good to get it out of the way.


5k walk yesterday afternoon in the heat

24.6km on the spin bike this morning


Surprised myself by doing something everyday. I can’t sit when the kids at school that it’s either spin or walking.


Looking at the sheet it’s apparent that I have don no cycling. That’ll have to change in Feb.


Gym this morning. First failure this year, but that’s all part of the game. Same weight next time on overhead press. It’s a real weak area for me.


Quick 2.5km walk tonight


21.4km on the spin bike this morning


Today’s the day I get back on it after only knocking out a 5 k row on Saturday and nothing yesterday as we’re out at friends house all day, apart from two-hour dogwalk.

Off to the gym and we’ll see results later!


After a month of frustration after a calf injury on Xmas Eve, final finished a 5 k with no twinges or aches , lost a bit of time over the last month but a few runs and some fartlek along the way should hopefully sort this out. Great to see more people consistently on dsed this year​:kissing::+1: