DSED 2019: Do something every day in 2019


Tough but fulfilling swim session tonight.
400m warm-up
300m leg drills with fins
1000m main session


26km on the spin bike this morning


10k on rower last night, then 28.5k on spin bike…back in the game although, after I’ve completed tonight’s spin class I’m booked in for tonight I’ve decided not to book any more classes.

I can’t stand exercise-wise the thought I HAVE to be somewhere at a specific time. I’ve got a Wattbike in my home gym, so that’s obviously available to me any time, so I’m sticking to that…and I won’t have to abandon it after 45 minutes!


7.9km as drizzle turned to rain, turned to sleet, turned to snow. For reasons I can’t recall I’d elected to wear shorts. Long shower to get warm again.


Break from spin today so a quick 4.5km walk


Gym last night. Felt pretty good. I’ll be doing my “little gym” core exercises today, but the jury’s out on whether the paths are safe for running tonight.


Fun last night: First up, an hour on Wattbike…35 kilometres at steady, 65% heart rate:

…and then, because missus wasn’t yet home I went to gym and banged out a cheeky 6k on rower:

…and all in fasted state. It still continues to surprise me just how much exercise can be done in this fasted state and in fat burning mode.


Didn’t know you were fasting, mate, how you getting on with it?


Absolutely magic! Body really adapted to it now. Loving the feeling of control over exactly when I choose to eat, and ability to ignore other what once could very easily have been hunger signals: like the smell of doughnuts from the baker’s; the sight of muffins with cappacino in Costa’s, or the eating of breakfast simply because ‘its 8.30 in the morning and I always eat before I go out’ habit. :grinning::grinning:.

Come and join me!

It’s like being in a hedge maze: like I’ve found the way out and I’m coming back to my chums and saying “Here lads, follow me I’ve not only found the way out, but I’ve memorised it…come on”…and hearing reply of ‘No, you’re alright, I’m quite liking it in here’!


been a bit slack this week, football on tuesday and a spell with my beast gear core sliders last night, and now i’m off home to get to Brixham before the snow affects the M5 . Hopefully a run in the morning . have fun everyone


Just re-read your post to which I’ve already responded…what do you mean you didn’t know I was fasting? …FFS…I’ve been (intermittent) fasting for 42 days now, and you’ve made comments @atb88 …keep up! :grinning:


Got you hook, line and sinker, you old goat. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Oh, you were being ‘ironic’…or outright 'kin sarcastic! …you slapper!

I run this strange gauntlet between being evangelical and espousing a carefully designed intermittent fasting protocol to suit the individual and simply letting everyone else on MvF site alone and applauding their efforts on their chosen route to lose weight.

Although for some years I’ve carried between 2 and 3 stone more weight than I should for the activities I undertake, I’m seen as an ‘equal’ to friends with whom I regularly cycle…and with whom my wife runs, cycles and swims.

Now they remark on my 2.5 stone loss and have become interested in the intermittent fasting lifestyle as described to them by my medically trained wife and equally qualified stepdaughter…add to that the fact that one of their swimming (4kms per weekday) teammates is a doctor who actually has nutritional qualifications, and who supports fasting in the correct context, and you might grasp why I might want to guide some of you along with me.

In the past three weeks, based on our description of protocol and their respect and trust that comes of longheld friendships, we’ve been able to guide seven (not overweight) swimmers and/or cyclists in the benefits and practice of IF…and with impressive early results in both weightloss and wellbeing.

I’m happy to provide guidelines to any readers who might be seeking to lose weight, maybe not hard to find on a weightloss site…but happy too, to drift on and let the gentle and steady weightloss be mine, and maybe mine alone!

It’s both simple…and easy :grinning::grinning:.


I think it’s commendable what you’ve achieved over the last few weeks. You’ve found what works and no bother to you for sticking at it.


Spin session Friday morning. Display was a bit dodgy but I’ll say the average 22km on the spin bike. Good class but I’m not sure I have the legs for another one tomorrow. Pleased to say 31/31 DSED


@Greenballs … I’m aware that you’ve been with me since the commencement of my recent time on MvF, and that you’ve witnessed (albeit unknowingly) early days of simple calorie counting IN v OUT , interspersed with some fasted road cycling rides when I was away in France for the summer.

Later, after a stalling in my progressive weight loss due to injury and illness, I then ‘discovered’ intermittent fasting…

Well you’ll have been aware that I’ve dropped from 219.2 lbs to, currently, 189 lbs…so now to within 9 lbs of ideal weight. Losing weight near the end-goal is known to be harder than it is for, say, a 400lb obese chappie not near his ‘ideal’ weight.

My point here is…might one of YOU lot who acknowledge you want/need to lose weight, join me…and not necessarily let all the guidance we could give you go instead solely those already fit swimmers and cyclists alone?

I’m just surprised that not many are attempting to jump on the bandwagon…aside from those who are posting me privately…


OK, I didn’t DSED this month but I did DSNED, and I’m quite happy with that.

Finished January off with 8.7km of hills at 1C. Looks like we just beat the snow, which started as we jogged home.

The February sheet is all ready to go. I’ve fixed the calculation formula errors that were throwing up a few discrepancies in the Summaries. Bring it


Friday 5km walk
Saturday 2km walk
Sunday 23km on spin bike
Monday 25km on spin bike


Sunday: 15k rowing: 1 hr 2 mins.
Monday: 25.7kms Wattbike: 45 mins.


@Greenballs I just re-read posts having put in 25.7 kms for yesterday…Having re-read your 25k I hadn’t slapped in my .7 extra as one-upmanship, honest! :joy::joy:… I’d simply taken distance off my photograph!