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Gym tonight. Starting to get back in the groove, mainly because I’m teaching my son so I have to really focus on form.

3.06 tonnes tonight. Tomorrow is hill training with the running club.


23km on the spin bike last night. Few inactive days for me as I just wasn’t feeling it this week. Makes a change when I went 31/31 in January.


Last night was a hill session of 7.2km. Possibly a little more as I forgot to start my watch until halfway back up the first hill. Picked up a few good tips on running downhill, and also on managing my breathing. Stretch and Warm Down session involved a lot of planks and core exercises.

Feeling pretty good, today.


Back home wind suitable for beach kite surfing, so off for a run this morning, being away 2 nights a week plays havoc with exercise, at least it will be lighter nights soon and I can get out for a run from the hotel. Question for you Doc, do you use inov-8 trail shoes?. Staryef looking for some road / trail shoes to combine road and trail , parkclaw look good to me. Have a good weekend


I use Brooks Cascadia trail shoes. I’m a Brooks convert from Asics. They’re a really good fit for me, but I know a few people who use Inov-8 and really rate them. Best bet is to get to a store where they know what they’re talking about, and find what suits you.


Very light weights session tonight. Glad I’ve worked out a routine with my three kettlebells that works. That gives me a light but effective session for rest days.


Not much in the way of running stores near me closet is in Exeter ,runners need might try and get to Birmingham runner after work one night, see what they have. Going to see if I can improve my skipping tomorrow weather permitting. Have a look on beastgear.co.uk they have some good bits of kit


Got to spin class tonight. Wasn’t going to bother but not sure if I can get to one for a few days. 23.6km on the spin bike. Walking for me for a few days.


Brutal cross country fixture this afternoon. Lloyd Park in Croydon lived up to its reputation. I fell, I lost a shoe in the mud, and I have many cuts and scratches from branches and brambles, but I finished. Also, for the first time I wasn’t the last of our club to cross the line.


Bit of a flu on so laying low for a few days :fu:t2:


10k walk this morning, session with skipping rope , at long last technique is improving, and a 4 k jog this afternoon


@Greenballs I’m under the knife today to remove that mystery lump on my groin that I told group about, noticed when I upped the mileage on road bike climbing in the Pyrenees…it’s all but disappeared now, but the fact that no one knows what it actually is becomes the reason for it’s removal…that’ll be a split fraction of an ounce off my weight!

So no cycling for me until stitches and wound allow; hopefully I’ll be able to row by tomorrow, possibly.


Wouldn’t worry too much. Just rest for the few days. Cycling may wait of course. But you’ll be well ready for the summer rides. Good luck in the hozzy. Been a while but they got you there


Pretty much seized up on Sunday. Left hamstring was incredibly tight, to the point where I could barely bend my leg. Managed a 5 mile recovery walk in an effort to loosen it up, then ice, compression and rest.

I had a scheduled physio session today and she managed to get it loose. As ever, it all comes from my arse not being strong enough, and everything else working too hard to make up for it. The consequences of that play out anywhere along the sciatic nerve (pelvis to ankle)…it’s a lottery.


@Greenballs hope everything is ok , just had a 4 k jog and , session with my beast gear skipping rope, blinking hard work but technique is slowly improving certainly helps with stamina and gets the heart pumping. Best present I had for a long time


Leg feeling much more mobile today, although my knee is still a little sore. Swimming last night definitely made a difference.

Plan for the week is no more running until Saturday, and a variety of weights and exercises to get the mobility and strength back.


football tonight , and tomorrow try for a short run as i’m in a different hotel this week and its not on a dark and dangerous country lane , and i have my core sliders to do a short session before going to manvfat footie tonight


Spin class this morning 22km


My “little gym” routine at home. Mostly balance-oriented, but with a kettlebell so it counts as resistance work.


6.5km walk this morning. Good pace and steps goal hit already