DSED 2019: Do something every day in 2019


Hoping to get back to running at this Saturdays Parkrun. My knee is seriously gooshed, probably due to overuse, so I’m resting it at the moment.

Focusing on building strength in the legs, so lots of stretching and light weight work (hence the low/tonnage gym numbers)


4.5km walk this morning. 23.5km on the spin bike this evening


Didn’t count the Friday spin class


Not a bad weekend 1k swim 4.6k run & 15k bike Sunday 8 k walk today, work and football tomorrow


5km walk today with my 4 year old


1700m swimming last night. About the only aerobic exercise I can do at the moment. Knee is really taking its time. May have to visit doctor.


Spin class this morning. 20km it read. Then on feet walking all day with the young un


In a bad way doc


Take it easy I had a bad knee for a long time drove me made ended up getting a magnetic bracelet , did the trick dunno how but when I lost it knee problem return. Always wear similar bnow


Cheers. Had an X-ray today, so they should let me know by Monday.


Rest up for a couple of days, just had a few minutes with the core sliders tonight the road. Past the hotel is tooooo dark and dangerous to risk running , soon be lighter nights, back home tomorrow so out for a run first thing Friday morning


Spin class yesterday. Just recorded what I’ve done this week and numbers will be nowhere near last month. I know activity is down anyway


I’m not counting my walks, but I’m not running for at least two more weeks. Very frustrating


Positive action. Going back to Yoga on Tuesdays starting the week after next. That’ll replace one running session per week.


Good swim tonight. Last week, I couldn’t use fins on the drills because of my knee problem. This week, I could. Felt pretty good afterwards too, so I’m feeling a lot more positive about it. Still not running until 9/3, but much less worried than I was.


Spin class Sunday Monday and one today coming up. Hope to get 2 more this week. Resting tomorrow with a long walk.


Two walks today totalling 9.5km


Just finished my first session at Remedial Gym at our local Polyclinic. Really good session, and much more taxing than I expected. I wasn’t going to bother logging it, but it came to 1,452kg, which I think merits a mention.

Very pleased that we have this sort of service available on the NHS (in my area, anyway).

Also, last night’s swim session was the first time I’ve gone over 2km in the pool (or anywhere else for that matter). It was a set of speed drills so we’d expect to cover more distance, but also my lane buddy was in a frame of mind to go for it, and once I’d got into the rhythm we were pushing each other all the way, taking turns at the front to pull each other along.

Benefits of exercising with others.


Still nursing the knee but it’s definitely getting better. Yesterday and today are travel days, so not much opportunity for anything.

I’ll do a yoga session tonight, just to keep stretching things.


good news, i have had a heel issue thats almost gone away, things seem to take longer to heal as i get older:unamused: plenty of time to ramp up dsed totals as my contract finishes at the end of this month.