Eager to play

Hi im 25 and about 160kg i really love playing football and also very eager to lose weight and be healthy again i just joined for the oxford league but not sure about the next step or when i can start this awesome program and play games could ManvFat please assist me with some guidance.

Much appreciated in advance :blush:

Hi dexpowell101, once you have registered on line you should receive an e-mail from your leagues coach inviting you to a session. The time that this takes will depend on whether or not there are spaces in your league, if there are then you could be asked down fairly quickly. If there aren’t any spaces then you will go into a queue, this will then reduce as and when players leave.
You may want to see when the league takes place and go down and speak to the coach and some of the players, the coach may be able to tell you if there are spaces and what you need to do going forward. Cheers

Hi Paul

Thank you very much for this​:blush::blush: