Easy meal ideas

Looking for idears of easy low fat meals for dinner time/tea

some of mine
#Fish and peas
#pasta Bake
#grilled chicken and rice


Utilise a slow cooker! you can launch all your ingredients into it in the morning, go out for the day and when you come home, it’s all ready to eat! This way, you can meal prep in advance and then you can portion out the extras to have for your dinner on another day.


Never rhought of that .great idear

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There’s a recipes section on the site. Get a look see what you can find on there.



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Look on a Facebook page called pinch of non they have also just released a book for £10 it’s brilliant for low fat easy meals

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Nice one mate

When I used the fatmanslim program, they had recipes form Rosemary Conley, they were tasty, simple to prepare and cook and low faff.

I’ll have to see if I can post some PDFs on here