Epsom league



I was just wondering if anybody else on here has signed up for the Epsom league?
I have and have also started the Blood Sugar Diet this week so hoping it gets going soon.


Welcome @ledney2000 - glad to have you aboard, any queries give me a shout!

Start off by reading this - it will give you lots of great tips and tricks.

Wishing you the best of luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks for this.
Is there a way of finding out when the league is likely to start?


Unfortunately we don’t have a set date for registration yet, but you can do your part by referring friends to up the numbers.


I’ve signed up too, looking at this it may be a while before it starts. Is it worth joining a live league in the meantime, is that possible?


Possibly, but it may also be worthwhile following in the footsteps of other MVF leagues by organising some unofficial matches - I’m sure most of the lads would be up for this.


I would be keen on this.
How would we make contact with people that have already signed up?


There’s a few members who have replied on this thread, so it may be worth personal messaging them directly.

Alternatively, you could put out another forum post with a clear, non-ambiguous title so everybody knows what you’re looking to achieve - an example might be “Unofficial matches for Epsom league”, or something alike. The only reason I say this is because a lot of people will only check the threads which directly interest them, even though some others might be worthwhile to them.


Looking forward to this starting, lets hope its not a long wait!


hi all i’ve just signed up for the Epsom league is there any further info on when it’ll start?


I have just signed up to but it looks like people have been waiting a long time for an Epsom Leauge, do you think it will happen??


It seems unlikely doesn’t it.
I signed up in August…


be interesting to find out how many people have signed up so far to see how close we are to starting, i think they need to have 80 people to start.


Is there anywhere in Epsom a few of us could hire for the evening for a kick about?


there’s loads of places Pound Lane Court Rec Has good floodlit 3G astroturf pitch, there’s also a Goals in north Cheam which is very close to epsom


I’ve put a post about doing this above.
I’m keen if we get the numbers, might also have a venue.


Hi Ledney2000 I am up for it providing it fits in with childcare (I have a nine month old) midweek evenings would suit me best , thanks for offering to organise


I’d be up for it, i can only do Mon-Thursday though


i emailed ManvFat yesterday to try and find out how close we are to actually starting the Epsom league and got the following response:

" Thanks for your interest! We don’t yet have the required number of players registered to cement those details - the players who are paid to register for a planned league will be given a say in where and when the league takes place.
When we have 20 guys signed up for a planned league then we approach a local partner (a football club, a local authority, a sports centre, etc). We then work with them to get 40+ (ideally 60+) men signed up. Once we have 20 guys we get the partnership going. Once we have the partnership we set the start date. If you want to influence how quickly all of this happens (which of course you would!) then read how you can help here.
We should emphasise that most of the leagues that have launched have had one or two guys really pushing the league and that has made the difference.
You can also find further information on our FAQ at http://bit.ly/MVFFFAQ"

By the sounds of it there isn’t even 20 players signed up to this league yet, so it doesn’t look like it’ll happen anytime soon.
Does anyone know of any other leagues that are looking for players?


We’re on 10 in Epsom and that can change very quickly. TBH with players now able to register for planned leagues for £1 it’s worth keeping a registration in there.

The closest live league to you is www.manvfatfootball.org/croydon