Epsom league



How do you change to Croydon? I just tried to join the league but because I have already joined the Epsom one with my e-mail it failed.


Please email football@manvfat.com


So Epsom only has 9 signed up now lol, we all might as well go to Croydon and become a whole new team


45 minutes there and back. Can’t manage that.
I’ll put a think on the Ashtead Facebook page but given it’s taken 5 months to get to 10 I don’t think we’ll ever get to 60!


Not a bad idea - get a minibus and none of you would have to drive at all.


any news on if an Epsom league is going to happen?
i’m currently playing in the Croydon league but i would like to either play in both or leave the Croydon league and just do Epsom as they’re really struggling for numbers currently so i don’t know how much longer it will last.


is there any news if this league is going to happen or not?


Any more news on this league?


Hello everyone, as of today, we have 15 registered players for Epsom.

Keep pushing this league as much as you can!

Here’s some flyers you can use if you are out and about!


Thanks, will put this on a couple of Facebook groups now


Any update on numbers?


Well I’ve just joined.

what are the numbers needed for the league to become live?

  1. I believe we had 18 so we should nearly be there.
    Any confirmation from manvfat would be good!


We have now hit 20 on this so soon the ball will now start rolling (so to speak) of approaching local potential partners and looking at venues etc - we do however need 30 people registered before this gets into full swing.

Please do continue to push where possible any potential new signups and don’t forget to use your referral code! The more people we get registered the quicker and better things will be finalised and make it more worthwhile!


Was definitely told we only needed to 20 for the league to start. Bit disappointed to hear the goalposts are now moving.
What do you need in terms of a venue? I might be able to arrange use of an astro but it wouldn’t be for free.


The League admins will contact venues in and around the area to find a suitable pitch, coach and time slot that suits all parties.


I’ve just seen that there is now a proposed league in Dorking as well! Can Epsom and Dorking not come together and make a league that can actually get started? Just a thought…


I’ve been in touch with the guy that runs Croyden. They are up and running and are still taking new members.
Would anybody fancy moving across and then sharing lifts? I think it’ll take about 30-40 minutes to get there.
You just need to say yes, let me know your name if your handle isn’t obvious and I’ll let him know.



Afternoon all,
Just joined the league and looking forward to this starting soon.


I’ve just signed up. How many more members are required?