Epsom league



Hello, 21 players at Epsom, so just another 9 players to give us the minimum amount of players required to be able to set off a league to be green-lit!


Any thoughts about merging Dorking and Epsom?
Just seems to make sense!


I already play at croydon on Tuesdays but would like to play a couple of times a week as it’s good fun. Im near enough to epsom so could I sign up for 2 leagues? Is the first season funded like it was last year in croydon and what day of the week would epsom happen?


Hi @wearssimon - Nothing has been decided on a league that hasn’t been launched yet. Keep an eye on the website for details once it hits 30 players AND the league has been set up by the admin team - https://www.manvfatfootball.org/epsom

We do have a Double League Discount, for players who are registered on 2 leagues. If you sign up for Epsom with another email address, you will be a part of that league once it starts.


Would you be able to tell me if I am still registered to this league?
I have started in Croyden but am still interested in this league, whether to swap or do both.

Many thanks


Hi Lewis, email over to football@manvfat.com and they can check you on the system. You can be in 2 leagues, you would just need to have two different email addresses, 1 registered to each league.


Hi, just signed up and really wanting to get started. How many people do you have signed up now?


Hello @davidx75 - Epsom is on 27 players, almost there! Keep pushing the league out to everyone you can speak to!


Signed up to Croydon League for now and starting tonight. Can you keep me informed about the Epsom League please. :+1::soccer:️:crazy_face:


I meant Tomorrow, I’m a bit too eager. :grin:


There are a few of us playing at Croyden and waiting for this league to start. See you tomorrow.


Hi guys just signed up for this league. Any idea how many more people required to start the league?


Hello @Jr2019 - Epsom is on 30 players, which is our minimum requirement but the more the merrier!



Hi, do you know where and what day you’ll be playing yet. I’m in the Croydon League but up for playing in both.


Hi @davidx75 - once the league has been booked and we have a coach on board, the information will be emailed to all registered players, as well as updated on the website. If you are already a player on another league, register with a 2nd email address to this league, and we can then set up Two League Discount once it’s been set as a live league.


Hi does this league look likely to happen any time soon? The Croydon one was too far for me to travel unfortunately.

Also can a coach play as well? I’m currently coaching at a chartered club and taking my Fa badges early March and would happily help out


Hi, also waiting for when Epsom will start. A timeframe would be good in order to decide alternative league.


@MvFFootballHelp any ideas when this league is going to start?
we were at 30 players on 8th Feb??
Many thanks


Hi @ledney2000 - I’m afraid I am not told about the new leagues until they are green lit by the league managers. I will try and get a list of new leagues mentioned on the emails or forum once I know myself to keep everyone associated posted.


I already play in the Croydon League. Work in Epsom so would like to play in both.
How do I register for this league as it appears I need a 2nd e-mail address ?