Example of confusing 'sciencey' stuff


Just came a cross a FB post by a very well known coach, showing the recent history of a client who is plateauing with his weightloss.

Coaches post went something like this:

“blah blah blah, due to clients history of sugar consumption & excess weight, he’s going to be dealing with insulin resistance which has cause him to plateau, so we’ve removed all of the carbs from his diet to allow hormonal adaptations to take place that will decrease his insulin resistance & will allow his body to start tapping into fat stores again blah blah blah”

Well, something like that…

Now, this all sounds super sciencey & evidence based to the general population, he’s obviously mentioning some popular scary, ‘fat causing words’

He’s a coach,

He’s using big sciency words…

No reason NOT to think “jeez this guys knows his stuff”

What I LOOOOVE about this community is that most here are actually far more knowledgeable that the general population (I mean most people don’t even know what causes fat loss, sadlly :frowning: )

Anyway, when this coach applies his ‘new trick’ his client will most definitely lose weight… but I’m wondering if you guys can see the real reason why he’ll lose weight?

PS - it’s not because of insulin


Because he will go into a calorie deficit by cutting all the carbs (food) out, mind you he could cut the fat (food) out or the protein (food) out of his diet so eating less food again which would bring his calories down.


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I lose track of how many times I now use the words CALORIE DEFICIT :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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