Exercise Regime to help lose weight



New Year and all that, trying to shift a serious amount of weight to get from 23 stone down to about 14 eventually - I’m not a gym bunny but as well as a reasonably high protein 1200 calorie diet I was thinking of doing a good bit of walking but also wonder should I be using my gym membership to be doing a bit of weight/resistance training, do you think this would be a good method for achieving my goals or can you suggest anything else?




Considering that your maintenance calories are likely 4000+ calories (doing a quick calculation in my head) , I truly think your setting yourself up to fail in the very near future by trying to live off 1200 calories

You can likely have seriously great progress eating at 2500-3000

That being said, if a quick bit of rapid fat loss helps you with the motivation to keep going, then it’s a valid tool to use, just keep in mind it’s a sort term get… get in, get some quick results & get back out

If you’ve got a lot to lose, you’ll need to figure out how to ‘live’ & find that happy balance of eating less calories, fighting hunger, paying attention to your energy levels, food, progress etc

So I’m not going to say “don’t do it” I’d just advise you not to attempt to live like that long term

Walking is great for getting some added activity, & strength training is great for almost everything else in life

But keep in mind that it’s the caloric/energy deficit that causes weight loss…. Which is much easier to do through address nutrition habits

How much protein are you currently getting by the way?

0.8g per 1kg is the RDA, but that’s actually too low for optimal health, it’s just to prevent malnutrition

1.2-1.6g per 1kg is a solid amount

If you’re carrying a higher amount of bodyfat, aim for 1.2-1.6g per kg of LEAN bodymass (that’s your bodymass minus the bodyfat %, you can find pic on line to estimate this) or set it to your target bodyweight

If you do want to start a basic but fundamentally sound strength training plan, I’ve made one here: (It’s been shared on here dozens of times, so doesn’t worry I’m not spamming the forum lol)

Good luck mate & let us know how you’re getting on! :slight_smile:


My maintenance calories at 26st 5lbs is just over 3,000. :flushed:


Hey mate,

that could be true, but I’d be extremely shocked to be honesty…. Unless you’re very sedentary & have hypothorodism?

How have you come to that number by the way mate?

Is that through living on that amount for a period of time & reviewing results to find weight remains stable or an estimate using a calculation?

keep in mind us humans are notoriously bad at tracking calories (usually by 40-50%) even registered dieticians on average mis-report caloric intake by around 30-40%…

Just some food for though

I’m 5’6, 146lbs, 37yrs old & maintain my weight on 2400-2600 for example (albeit lightly active)


Light exercise once or twice a week, I’ve put it into a few online calculators. Was just surprised as someone 3st lighter needs 4,000 to maintain.


Calculations are just generic estimations, he could need less or more, we have to test and trial forca few weeks and look at the results :slight_smile:


Thanks for very speedy and detailed reply, if I’m honest on day 1 I’m very hungry so I’d be happy to even get a shade less than 2000 and see how I go!


For example, just baseline generic easy calculation.

23st is 322lbs or 146kg

(you burn just under 1 calorie per 1kg of bodyweight per hour on average, 24 hours in a day, so we’ll use bodyweight in kg & multiply by 22

146kg x 22 = 3212 for an estimate of BMR (calories at rest)

Or 322lbs x 10 (there’s 2.2lbs in 1kg) = 3220

lets call it 3220

Now lets add a daily activity factor

sedentary 1.2-1.4
lightly active 1.4-1.6
very active 1.6-2+

We’ll assume it’s very sedentary to be conservative

3220 x 1.2 = 3864

So on the lower and of a decent calculation we’re looking at almost 4000 calories as maintenance

Meaning ANYTHING less than that should illicit fat loss

3000 would be an estimated 1000 calorie deficit for a faster rate of weightloss at an estimated 2lbs per week (There’s 3500 calories in 1lb of fat, divided by 7 days = 500 calorie deficit per day for 1lb per week, 1000 for 2lbs etc)

Anything more than that should be done with extreme caution

But that being said, everyone is different & these are generic calculations across the board,

You have to see what works for you