Exeter team in need of players!


We’re looking for players as we move towards the end of the season - we have four cup fixtures left!

Following a few unlucky injuries and people moving away due to jobs, the mighty Fat Chiefs of Exeter need a few players!
We’re all quite nice and easy going and like playing football and losing weight.

If you’re on the fence about signing up or are waiting for next season, why not get involved and start the weight loss journey now! There is no better time!




I just signed up and got transferred to the Exeter league for 9th November, so if there are any places in a team for a game on 9th Nov onward let me know


I’ve recently signed up… How do I join a team?

Hi mate, someone should allocate you to a team soon and you’ll be sent a whatsapp link to join the team chat. not sure which team has fewer players at the moment but will be one of those

Thanks Tim - I shall wait patiently. Hopefully be with you all soon :slight_smile:

Still need players?? I have just signed up.

Just signed up too. In need of anyone in Exeter?

hi mate - they may well allocate you to another team. you should have a message or similar soon. hopefully you’re with us!

@TimB Hi Tim. Fingers crossed I get Exeter as I don’t drive. Has the league started already?

You will have been put into the Exeter league but they’ll allocate you a team sorry - depends on which team has people finishing up. The last game of this season is Friday and then it’ll be a registration week and it all starts again so you’ll get more info soon.

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Awesome. So I get this Friday off then start with registration on the 23rd. I didn’t get a welcome email but have paid and got an invite to the forum which is why I was bit worried. Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi I am looking to sign up possibly this week or next. I am not the best player but still give as much as I can

that’s all anyone can give! i’d sign up sooner rather than later as all teams are getting full. to be clear my team doesn’t need players now but others will. get involved!