Eyes eyes watch your eyes

Well great photo from last year at over 20st , that photo made me and the wife realise how bad we had got.


Tried to loose weight and got down to 19st 2lb when I joined manvfat in January and actually read up and got advice from @maxnas and stopped reading and believing in the shite I had previously read and stopped doing diets I couldn’t maintain.


Watch your eyes



Now these photos are just to show how far I’ve come, I’ve still a long way to go but 11 months of healthy eating and six month of hard gym work and I finally see a change .


As stupid as it sounds this site has changed my life @admin . At Christmas I was on tablets for high blood pressure and had been for eight years, lost weight and worked with my doctor to come off them first half doses then completely. Even he didn’t think it was possible and much to his delight I did it all naturally without tablets to loose weight, I think the doctor enjoyed the ride as much as I did as he has known me most of my life and was genuinely exited when I used to go to the appointments and discuss how much weight I had lost and what training I was doing.

Small goals add up to big goals, I started walking 15mins each day. I have small goals but I’m on holiday in June next year and plan to get in shape for that.

Thanks once gain for everyone’s help, advice and encouragement on this journey that’s just started.


Why is that stupid?

I know what you mean but I think it highlights another level of truth, because part of that message is, why would being part of a group of men losing weight help me?

I believe the answer is because we’re the same as you. You can BS us as much as you like but we already know it’s bollocks because it’s the same shite we’ve been spouting for years.

But that’s why this is such an important thread. Because we feel the same as you and you’re the same as us. If you can make this incredible change then maybe I can too?

Yes. You can. I am throwing down the gauntlet to every bloke who sees these pictures and thinks, wow, nice one. I want your pictures here in six month’s time. I’m not saying you need to be ripped or at your goal weight. But take heart from this thread. You. Can. Do. This. Too. Go on.


amazing story i do you play at lode lane?


Holy crap! What a transformation. Great effort.


I love it, AMAZING!


Plus, it goes to show & expose all the nonsense out there when it comes down to simple fat loss science,

Eg: fad diets, px90 exercises, boosting metabolism, fat burning supplements etc etc

& then the clinical stuff that tons medical professionals try to push on regular people who don’t need any of this medical/clinical advice, but they still push it because they’ve spend years learning about things that only apply to 0.01% of people, never get to talk about it because it doesn’t apply to many people, and try to twist reality to make what they’ve learned fit everyone (pushing a square peg into a round hole),

Eg: glycemic index, gut inflammation, insulin spikes, nutrient absorption rates, hormone profiles etc etc

Plus, you know what helps with most self induced dis-ease & hormonal issues? = weightloss! lol

& for the 99% weight loss comes down to:

1 - education, learning how fat loss/gain works (energy expenditure) so you can finally get out of the vicious cycle & on with it, as well as never being scammed again

2 - deciding on your personal diet/nutritional preference of creating a calorie deficit (applying the laws of energy expenditure)

3 - getting mostly good nutrition (80/20, + more protein & veggies), while adhering to your plan

4 - managing it for the long term by paying attention to habits, enjoyment, results etc

5 - patience & consistency

Simple, although not always easy.

Point is, it doesn’t have to be confusing :slight_smile:

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Fantastic before and after pics - well done

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Brilliant, brilliant work. Had to double check to convince myself it was the same bloke.

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Hi Kev , I’m afraid it’s not me I had to give up football after a motorbike crash and now require a knee replacement at some point .
For years I used me knee as an excuse for not exercising, the surgeon said I was too fat to operate and for it be a success . Over the years they have put me stronger pain killers and told me to loose weight. Once again I didn’t listen to them and lived in pain.
The weight loss itself has relived the pain so much I don’t take pain killers as it’s very rarely sore. I can live a normal life go for walks etc. I used to be in total agony when I first started walking .

Thanks for the kind comments really appreciate it . Goes to show anyone can do it . It was just in January I used to look at the victory posts in amazement and it gave me motivation that it was possible .

Fantastic. Inspiring stuff indeed!

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What an amazing transformation you have come so far awesome work man Well done!!!

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Well done. MvF is helping us all to save our own lives. :+1:


Well done fella, truly amazing!

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Well done fella fantastic work :slight_smile: with the gym work is that doing your own stuff at the gym or with a personal trainer?? :slight_smile:

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Cheers @AshW1508 & @forestcanrun Just my own stuff , I trained about twenty years ago so I could probably do with learning new techniques.
I train four times a week same body part twice strength training & cardio. That’s a change as back in the day I trained a body part once a week three days to recover four to grow used to be the rule but it’s proving different now.

It’s good as you see gains pretty quickly , it’s also funny when you eat more calories than you normally do like over Christmas you can feel the extra energy . Frustrating at times training on calorie deficit as fatigue kicks in. Mind you at nearly 50 I still think I’m a youngster and keep pushing myself .


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Blimey you do far more exercise than I do.

I just play football, walk the dog & ride the bike / exercise bike.

At 43, I think I give the younger ones at football a run for their money now. :grin:

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