Falling into old habits


How do you stop?

My weight seems to be really seasonal. I started losing weight last year when I found out I weighed 126kg.

I managed to get down to 106kg in 6 months and felt really good, but since then I seem to lose all willpower and fluxuate seasonally between 108 & 115kg.

My problem is I keep falling into old really bad habits. Sneaking food, snacking etc.

What does everyone do to keep from falling into old ways?




Honestly, I’ve really fallen off the wagon over Christmas, but it’s been coming for a while.

I’ve signed up with Musclefood for their meal service, so I get all my meals for the week delivered. Some are pre-made, most are “from scratch” kits. I’m starting on January 7th, so I’m aiming to join a MVFIA group around then.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to let myself off the leash. Almost as an experiment. I’m following my urges down, knowing that I have to answer for the consequences from Jan 7.

My question to you would be “Why do you think you’re doing it? Are there external factors driving your behaviour? Has Christmas simply loosened your resolve? Have you reacted badly to a gain and are having a “fck it” period (we all do)? No one but you knows why you’re doing it, but you need to ask yourself some hard questions, and be prepared to give honest answers. You’re only accountable to yourself.


Why is it that you want to be lighter?

What would be the benefits to you?