Fancy doing some rowing - Join the MAN v FAT Concept2 Team Challenge!


Good day ManvFat people

Mark from Kidderminster here.

There are a few of us in my team at Kidderminster who workout a fair bit in the gym and one piece of equipment we kind of compete against each other With is the indoor tower - you’ll know the piece of kit as it is normally used for 5 minute warm ups before hitting other stuff.

Well, I thought it may be useful to share with all Man v Fat as I know just how competitive you all are. If you do use the indoor rower then you can sign up to a logbook via, on here you can log all your rowing workouts, be ranked against you peers and even join in with challenges.

Now, i’m hoping that Man v Fat don’t mind, but another excellent part of the logbook is you can join teams and I have created one called “Man v Fat”. These may be a physical team or a virtual one spanning multiple countries and once registered with Concept2 you can join the team and participate in team challenges against other teams. You can also see where you stand against your fellow team mates - an excellent motivator to try and rise up the standings.

So, if you do use the rower in the gym, register with Concept2 and log those metres, it’s a great way to help lose weight and get match fit.

Hope to see you on the team standings soon.



Great idea and of course it’s fine to do a MVF team - our designer will shout at you if you’ve written it as Man v Fat rather than MAN v FAT though, and she’s terrifying!


Thanks Admin, I’ll change that right now


No worries - I’ll pin this post so more people are likely to see it.



Thanks MAN v FAT

The next team challenge is called the “Fall Challenge” - very American!

It runs from 15th September -> 15th October. In this time each team member needs to try and row either 100,000 or 200,000 metres. Sounds a lot but it works out at just over 3,000 a day which is around 15-20 minutes.

There are no restrictions on when and how much you row, you could do 2 x 2.5k in one day, smash out 10k every other day, just log the metres and see where MAN v FAT end up in the league.

Got to register yourself with Concept2 first though.

Oh, and be careful, it’s addictive.



@Zero4 saw this when getting a peak at your thread. Might interest you


Cheers @Greenballs…I am actually registered with Concept 2 and have done some of their challenges… I’m still awaiting TommyD to leap into action and post on our RowVember thread. He sprung up on morning of 1st, said he’s ready to go and would start yesterday evening but no news since!

Maybe he’s been rowing all-day and can’t post with hands full of oar!