Fasting 16-8, 18-6

Hello guys, as you can see I’m very new here to the point I haven’t chosen my key diet. Now like most of you I’ve don’t yo-yo dieting for a while and never had a long term success. Fasting I know some. People have had success but is it sustainable in long term. Is not, what diet are people finding success on?

What’s the secret to people’s success?

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I tried the fast diet thing for abit. Honestly feel like its 1 of these things ppl get abit culty about like they make out its gonna change ur whole life, weightloss isnt the half of it, u gonna feel bettee in everyway. Well i can only speak 4 meself but it didnt live up 2 the hype

Am not knockin it completely cos it did help me abit cos if i only had a certain ‘window’ of food time it helped me not overeat overall. But thats all it comes down 2, diets r calories in v calories out, theres nothin in particular about fasting that makes u loose weight other then that.

If u wanna try it i personally suggest start on a 12hr fast, 2 see how it goes. It can b hard 2 do v long fasts cos u do start 2 feel it after abit well i did. Tired, no energy, even abig faint. Gotta keep an eye on it. Am no expert this ia just like my experience

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It’s nice knowing what other people are having success with. I’ve downloaded “myfitnesspal” app to track my calories and hopefully will keep under 2500 and hopefully to see a weight loss.

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2500 calories a day?

I eat 6 times a day and stay around 1800.

I couldn’t fast, not ever.

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Id imagine myfitnesspal told jamie that number cos it works out what cals u need 4 weightloss.

Aye i suppose different things work 4 different ppl. I dont think id go back 2 long fasts but id fine 6 hard. Bout 3 seems best 4 me. Its workin out ur own groove eh

Good luck mate !!

Thank you both, I’ve looked at the calorie calculator on the NHS and it works out if I stay below 2811, I’m due to lose between 1-2 pounds a week. So saying that keeping below 2500 which isn’t hard I should be losing weight. But I guess that’s only half the battle, just to include more activity

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What u planning? R u in a mvf football league or u at the gym? Or just tryna walk abit more n that?

I’m thinking of joining mvf football and just including more walking where possible. I don’t mind going gym but sometimes it’s have the time and the motivation to go.

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Whatever the NHS says, take the lower figure& minus 500. Guarantee you lose weight, 2300 is plenty if you eat sensible foods rather than biscuits, crisps etc.

Tuna salad using a whole tin of tuna? 200 calories. Porridge sachet and milk at breakfast? 220 to 250 calories. Apple & a banana for elevenses? Roughly 150 to 200 depending on variety and size. It’s so easy to plan for below your allowance.

And go back regularly to the NHS website to update as you lose weight.

And activity will increase fitness levels and yes it will boost the calorie deficit, but weightloss really is 80% what you eat and drink. You can’t out-train a poor diet.

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For me 2400 as it advises seems a lot of food. Usual days when I do eat breakfast. Porridge or cereal. Eggs and toast all under 300 calories. Lunch usually a sandwich or something simple. Now I’m a simple guy when it comes to meals so chicken curry for example made at home. What takes me over is snacks. Chocolate crisps. All unnecessary. I can easily live on under 1500 calories a day. I don’t need much food it’s the in betweens and it works for me.
Also you must have some size of a banana at 200 cals :kissing_heart::joy:

It does say an apple and a banana. A large banana can be over 100 calories. An apple can be anywhere from 50 calories for a small gala to 100 calories for a more adult sized one. I typically have a medium banana (90 calories) and a kanzi apple (70 calories).

Yeah i fast from 8pm and start eating again at 12 the next day its been good for me so far

Good morning, firstly congrats on wanting to change your life. I never tried the whole fasting thing as the way I look at it is 2500 calories is the same whether eaten in 8hrs or 14hrs and what keeps your metabolism going during your fasting stage ?? I lost 9st of body weight in 11 months and that was down to Slimming World. I didn’t do any extra exercise either until I was a good 6-7st down, although my job is quite Labour intensive. I gained a little back (never more than 1st) but that was down to complacency and just eating crap rather than good food. Whatever you decide goodluck.

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No, it wasn’t. It was down to the calorie deficit created. Science.

@markcoppard Thank you, it sound like you have brilliant success well done!! Personally I have tried slimming world and I feel you always have to be continually checking how many sins you have used which then found me relying in the slimming world app or struggling to find the correct information the guess work. I found my self constantly thinking about what to have for the next day to stay in sins. I do like the idea of calorie deficit because you can see the calorie on the packets. Which I am currently doing and finding it easy to keep track with the myfitnesspal sticking under the 2300 (most days I only have about 1500) at the moment feels like a sustainable way of dieting. Lost 4 pounds since Friday so it going in the right direction.


My own loss happened quite unintentionally and gradually over almost four years. My hunger gradually diminished. Mysterious, really. It might have had something to do with the ramping-up of my meditation, but I’m not certain.